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5 Element Tongbei

Animal Boxing


Assorted Styles

Bafa Boxing



BaGuaXing Yi

BaJi Quan

Bak Mei

Ba Men Quan (8 Gates)

Ba Shan Fan

Big Dipper Southern Fist

Canon Fist

Cha (Zha) Chuan

Chang Family Fist

Che Style Xing Yi

Chen Style Tai Chi

Chi Family TongBei

Chi Kung

Chin Nah


Choy Lai Fut

Chun Yang Wu Dang Sect

Coiling Dragon

Cotton Palm

Dai Xing Yi

Dim Mak


Eagle Sect Shaolin


Fish Style Boxing

Four Gate Shaolin

Gansu Style

Gong Li Flowing Strength


Ground Boxing

Hawk Style

Hong Style

Hong Dong TongBei

Hong Northern Fist

Hop Gar

Hua Flower Fist

Hua (Glory, China) Fist

Hung Family Fist

Jin Gang Style

Jin Style Xing Yi

Kun Lun Mts. Fist

Lama Style

Li Family Fist

Liang Shan Fist

Liang Yi Style

Liu He Ba Fa

Liu He Boxing

Liu He Mantis

Lost Track

Long Fist Boxing

Lu Mountain Wu Dang Sect

Mandarin Duck Fist

Mei Hua Fist

Mei Hua Mantis

Mei Shan Boxing

Mian Zhang

MiTzu (Rice Ancestor)

Mi Zong (Lost Track)

Mok Gar

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Yang, Chen and ZhaoBao Tai Chi; BaGua, Wing Chun, Choy Lee Fut, Yi Quan and Taoist Secret style
See a survey of many of these masters showing their specialities...

about VCD's: Spend an hour with a Master For Under $10!

It's hard to describe these VCDs without wild enthusiasm! Each VCD is a gem--rarely seen forms and styles, taught and performed by Chinese teachers , and each under $10! Curious about Ba Ji or Xing Yi? Want to add new takedowns to your Chin Na applications? Have you ever seen (or heard of) The Five Animal Frolics, a traditional QiGong based on - well, you guessed it - the five martial animals? And what martial artist couldn't benefit from a rare version of the Wooden Dummy Form? Or the sword that inspired the Japanese Ken? When we first came across these VCDs, we thought they were too good to be true - but we were wrong. They are an exceptional value, and one that we at Plum are proud to offer at these low prices.

Don't be mistaken: narration is all in Chinese, but this shouldn't stop you. The instruction is extremely clear (some of the best we've seen on any film) and the performances need no sound at all. We wouldn't recommend these if we thought this was a problem. As for playing them: you can watch them on your PC*, your MAC**, and even on most DVD players***. All computer software can be downloaded free from the Internet.

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Animal Boxing: Of course all Kung Fu styles have animal boxing but some styles specialize in the imitation of ...Top

Assorted Styles: Various titles rarely see: BAFA Quan (8 Methods Boxing) • Three Star Cannon Style • and others. Top
BaFa Boxing: A style known as Eight Methods combining a number of other famous style and develoed in the Qing Dynasty. Also contains Shaolin Bafa. Top
Bagua: Cheng Style with Sun Zhi Jun: Mother, Linked and Changing Palms • 24 Postures, 64 Palms• BaGua Spear • BaGua Saber • BaGua Straight Sword• BaGua Double Elk Horns. Top
Bagua: Cheng Style with Li jingRu: Cheng Style 8 Palms • Swimming Body • Crescent Knives • BaGua Basics • BaGua survey • Straight Sword • Partner work • BaGua Sword Top
Bagua: Cheng Style with Ma Lin Cheng: Another fine instructor shows this strong version of Ba Gua with excellent sets and weapons such as Elk Horns, Long Sword and even BG staff...Top
Bagua: Gao Family This variation of Yin Fu style comes down to Gao Ji Wu through three generation of his family. Very well known as traditional material. Top
Bagua Liang Style Survey • 8 Turning Palms • Fundamentals • Mother Palms * 64 Straight Palms • Partner Practice • BaGua Footwork • Standing Pole Work   * 8 Door Conditioning Exercises • BaGua Saber • 3 Harmony Straight Sword  Top
Bagua: Various Styles  Including, among others, Zhu Baozhen and FU style •Gao style• Tian Double Palms • Bear Style BaGua• Sun Style Survey  Top
Bagua: Yin Fu Style   One of the most famous, if not the most popular, branch of BaGua. One version of that huge branch.  Top
Bagua: Yin Fu Style with Zhu Bao Zhen  Zhu Baozhen is a very well known practitioner of Bagua and for many people a major authority on the art.  Top
Bagua: Jin Style   Ba Gua and Xing Yi are both represented in this series tracing from the lineage of Zhang Zhao dong.  Top
"Bagua" Fu Xi Style  Fu Xi Ba Gua Boxing. Not exactly the circling BaGua we normally associate with the name. The Emperor Fu Xi, one of the great ancestors of Chinese culture supposedly developed teh Right Trigrams, the famous symbols of change. Here is a style said to be based on a figure over 5000 years old ...  Top

Bagua/T'ai Chi Special ORDER. A long combination of these two styles on 3 vcds including also a survey and push hands  Top

BaGua Xing Yi Directly from the lineage of Zhang Zhao Dong this combination of BG and XY is well known and preserves
the flavors of the separate styles...  Top
Ba Ji Fist Small Frame • Straight Sword • Baji Ba-Sz • Partner Set • Spear Set • Self-Defense  • Bridge Arm • Survey - Also: see Gansu Boxing  Top
BaFa 8 Methods Boxing A Shaolin syle derived from the QING DYNASTY. Among its other specialities are some of the most radical stretches you will see in the CMA curriculum...  Top
BaMen (8 gates) A relatively rare style with little known of its origins. Numerologically based with celestial stems, five changes, and expounding a strong, classical fighting theory. See also Ba Men INFO.  Top
Ba Shan Fan (Fan Tzi Style) Special ORDER. The famous "8 flash tumbles": Shaolin Collection • Plum Blossom Cannon • Seven Step Fist • Tumbling Cloud Hands • Four Calm Levels • Six Row Roots •Eight Quick Steps  Top
Cannon Fist Three Star (Three Emperors ) is one of the strong and ancient Kung Fu styles. Here are its forms including weapons and applications from lineage holders.  Top
CHA (ZHA) Muslim Fist
Cha Chuan #1 Road #1 (Mother/Son) • Roads 2,3,4 , 5, 6, • Straight Sword • Survey • Tan Tui (Spring Leg) • Pu Dao Knife• Spear • Fundamentals  Top
Cha style #2 Most people are familiar with the Zhang branch of this Muslim/Chinese style. Here is the lesser known LI branch of the art.  Top
Cha style #3 Our newest representative of this famous Muslim stye is the Henen branch of the art as demosntrated by a father/daughter team. Includes the famous #4.  Top
CHANG FAMILY FISTSpecial ORDER . Very important in the history of Kung Fu. The Chang style may be one of T'ai Chi's inspirations. Also some interesting sets such as a monkey staff. See also Chang INFO.  Top
Chi Kung Chi Kung (QiGong) is the Yoga of martial arts and a fine health practice all its own. Here, from various teachers and systems, is a pleathora of ...  Top
Choy Lai Fut (Tsai Li Fo) 1  Fundamentals • Dragon 18 Forms • LuoHan Fist #1 and #2 • LuoHan Exercise & Unicorn Hand • Big Demo • BaGua Ball • Yin/Yang Saber & Sword Combination (note: some EnglishTop
Choy Lai Fut 2  A series of VCDs and DVDs compared featuring Fifth generation teacher Liang Nai Zhao with English subtitles! Top
Chuo Jiao Penetrating Foot: CHUO JIAO Basics • Pu Knife • Fan Zi Applications • SHAOLIN Chuo Jiao • Water Margin Legs. Top
Chuo Jiao Page 2 More forms from the popular kicking style including some applications ...  Top
Coiling Dragon  Pan Lung Men: A style that combines BaGua, Tan Tui, Shaolin and Snake Hands. A very expert elder instructor, Sun Xiang.  Top
Cotton Palm Fan Zi Level 1 First Road • 5 Flower Canon/Hammer • Following Hand • Heart Splitting Palm • Quick Step Hammers • Pi Gua Linking Form • 7 Stars Falling • Four Energies • Applications • Weapons Survey • Cotton Palm Sword  Top
Dim Mak Dian Hseuh: Pressure Points #1 • Pressure Points #2 • Pressure Points #3 also recovery methods  Top
Di Tang GROUND FIGHTING: Basics • Staff • Sword • Single Saber • Second Path (Double Saber) • Ground Boxing  Top
EMEI (Omei) Mountain
Emei Page 1 Many set from this famous mountain region including Chi Kung  Top
Emei Page 2 One of Kung Fu's major groups including bench, Night sword and more...  Top
Emei Page 3 Our NEWEST presentation in this series, ZHAO branch of this famous Kung Fu style ...  Top
Four Gate Boxing A dynamic newer style with doubleheaded spear, nunchakus, TWO Tan Tui sets...  Top
Gansu Boxing For many centuries a strong martial arts locality. This contains good demonstrations of PiGua, Tan Tui, BaJi, Fan Zi and more ...  Top
Gong Li Boxing Flowing Strength Boxing: A very ancient style indeed from the famous Cang County, "home of the martial arts", ...  Top
Hawk Style Boxing  A branch of the Shaolin tree. Similar to Eagle Boxing, applications only mostly Chin Na but quick.Top
Hong Style Boxing  Hong is used as another name for Shaolin. This is a traditional, powerful and subtle boxing .Top
Hop Gar Boxing  The same style as the famous Lama Boxing and Southern White Crane.Top
Hua Boxing  FLOWER BOXING: 4 Posture Fist • 36 Posture Fist • Stretching Fist •Running Tiger Fist • Ox Heart Spade  Top
Hua Boxing GLORIOUS (CHINA) BOXING: One of the most famous of all Long Fist styles. Specializing in sets for one or two persons. Hua Mountain style is ancient and ...  Top
Hung Gar Boxing One of the most popular and well loved systems of Kung Fu outside of China. An elegant and powerful Southern Fist famous for the Tiger/Crane set, its dynamic tension, low horse and "Bridge Hand" gesture...  Top
Jin Gang Only a few VCDs but very interesting. This is a school in China for teaching young people and each VCD is a specialty: forms, usage and massage: A LOT of massage techniques in the martial manner...  Top
Kun Lun Boxing There are Five Famous Mountain areas in Kung Fu lore. And possibly the most mysterious is the Kun Lun range... Some really good skills...  Top
Lama Style Boxing  The same style as Hop Gar boxing and Tibetan White Crane.Top
Liang Shan (Water Margin) Fist Numerous sets from the style modeled after the famous novel "Water Margin" including Arrow Fist • Chuo Jiao Legs • Deep Wisdom Fist and more  Top
Liang Yi Fist TWIN POWERS BOXING: Kung Fu Frame• Slow Frame • Old Frame • Points • Basics •Conditioning • Seeds • Drills • Post Heaven "BaGua" • Pre Heaven "BaGua"•Attacks and Counters • Power Issuance • Ground work  Top
Liu He Quan: 6 Harmony Boxing
6 Harmony & Yun style This fine traditional teacher shows his Yun Men (Yun style) with strong elements of Liu He and Plum Blossom... Worth a look.
6 Harmony Wan Lai Sheng style   Many sets in Six Harmony style as well as ZiRanMen from this famous instructor. Original film footage included... Biography    Top
LIU HE (6 Harmony) Boxing Special ORDER A well known style dating from the Qing Dynasty.  Top
Long Fist Boxing English/Chinese Monkey Fist • Monkey Staff • BaGua Linking • Saber vs. Spears • Saber vs. Saber • LongFist Level 1 & 2 • LongFist Level 3 •Two-Handed Sword • FanZi Boxing • Level 3 Staff•  Top
Liu He Ba Fa Also known as "Water Boxing", this so called "fourth internal stle" has only one major form but it is a doozy. This section also shows usage and Chi Kung besides various renditions of the solo form  Top
MiZong 1 One of the most complete and famous styles in China. Also known as Yan Qing and specializing in "misdirection" hence the name...  Top 
MiZong 2 Includes some of the Lost Track's specialty, self defense and the double headed spear. The style seen in "Fists of Legend" with Jet Li...  Top
MiZong 3 The "Lost Track" of MiZong has some special DOUBLE WEAPONS such as the twin hammers ...  Top
Yan Qing      "Lost Track's" OTHER name, Yan Qing, and here is a group of forms and a good skill level that is worth watching. Lost Track is a big style with ...  Top
Mandarin Duck Fist Mandarin Duck Staff • Sword • Linked Fist • Basic Circling Fist  Top
Mei Hua Style One of the great style, The Plum Blossom Fist, associated with rebels, many practitioners, fighting on poles and ...  Top
MiTzu Fist   (Rice Ancestor Boxing) Fist Road 1 • Double Hammers • Big Knife  Top
PiGua Zhang A truly beautiful "LONG FIST: One of the last styles to show the Stalk Sword, the precursor of the Japanese Samurai Sword - Also: see Gansu Boxing  Top
Gansu Boxing    For many centuries a strong martial arts locality. This contains good demonstrations of PiGua, Tan Tui, BaJi, Fan Zi and more ...  Top
PiGua Series Old instructor Guo RuXiang not only demonstrates PiGua, BaJi and TongBi but lectures on their principles and uses...  Top
7 Star Mantis  The most famous and well represented of all Praying Mantis styles...  Top
LiuHe Mantis SIX HARMONY is a highly respected Mantis style combining Tang Lang and the Six Harmony style. It has only seven key sets...  Top
T'ai Chi Mantis  Tai Chi Mantis has no relationship to Tai Chi Chuan but rather the Yin and Yang Tai Chi represents...  Top
Tai Chi Mei Hua Mantis Tai Chi Plum Blossom style is well known in China as one o f the first branches of Mantis to have a name...  Top
Tong Bei Mantis Definitely one of the rare styles of Praying Mantis Boxing. ...  Top
Southern Mantis An entirely separate branch of the Mantis derived mainly from Chu Jia and Hakka boxing . ...  Top
Shaolin 1 Gang Fist • Cannon Fist • Sun Form Fist • Small Red Fist • Yin Yang Staff • Demo •5 Animals 8 Methods  • Guard the Mountain Staff • Jin Gang Big Knife  •  Chuo Jiao • Basic Fist  Top
Shaolin 2 English/Chinese Plum FlowerFist • Small Hong Fist • Big Hong Fist • 6 Combinations • Rou Gong #1 • Rou Gong #2  • Virgin Boy Exercises • Cannon Fist  Top
Shaolin 3 English/Chinese Shaolin Cane • Eyebrow Stick • DaMo Cane• Pu Knife • Double Sabers • Spring Autumn Knife• Meteor Hammer  Top
Shaolin 4 The "Hammering" branch of Shaolin Temple Boxing part one including Tai Tzu, Meteor and 7 Star Boxing with Shi DeYang .  Top
Shaolin 5  The "Hammering" branch of Shaolin Temple Boxing part two including magic Staff, Da Hong and Mi Zong with Shi DeYang.  Top
Shaolin 6 The "Hammering" branch of Shaolin Temple Boxing part three including TongBei, Arhat and Saber with Shi DeYang. 
Shaolin 7  Shaolin Temple Boxing with some of the best photography and cleanest presentations yet. Includes Shaolin Mantis, and some Short Fist combination sets.  Top
Shaolin 8  More of the "Hammering" series including basics, Fang Tian, sword and 8 Pieces of Broacade with Shi DeYang.  Top
Shaolin 9 The so-called "secret" forms along with newer versions of some standard forms.  Top
Shaolin 10   A series of "old frame" forms by one of the ten best Shaolin instructors in China today.  Top
Shaolin 11 The Buddha Style, rarely seen with unusual partner sets, and the Shaolin 7 Star Mantis.  Top
Shaolin 12 The Xing Gong branch containing some forms thought lost. Includes the 13 Claw branch of Shaolin and the...  Top
Shaolin 13  Here are some "miscellaneous forms" including some fancy kicking sets, a Shaolin fan and more...  Top
Shaolin 14  More representations of the MANTIS branch of Shaolin including a special order section ...  Top
Eagle This is not EAGLE CLAW but EAGLE BRANCH of the Shaolin School. In this series straight applications of strikes, no forms, are given divided by weapon ...  Top
Weapons Here are some of the weapons of Shaolin including throwing weapons, whips, ropes darts and a new comparison page with DVD edition also...  Top
Also see "Four Gate Boxing" and the dynamic "Hong" boxing  Top
Zi Branch Southern Shaolin   A Southern version of the famous style with a distinct and beautiful series of moves  Top
Ying BranchSouthern Shaolin   A more familiar Southern Fist with Bench and Double Sickles sets.  Top
Fa Branch Southern Shaolin   "Fa" means "the law" and refers to Buddha. This is a branch with very soft and fast movements all based on a few fluid actions. A good, expert instructor.  Top
Luo Han Branch Southern Shaolin   This is a beautiful example of a style that could look almost like Karate or Kung Fu. Quick hands, good applications explanations, nice forms.  Top
SHUAI JIAO and other grappling
Shuai Jiao  CHINESE WRESTLING Basics • Survey • Foot & Hand work • Equipment Work• Attack/Defense •  18 Methods of CHIN NAH  Top
Chin Nah   This series shows Chin Nah applications without forms. Each group is broken down by attack and a lot of techniques are shown in ...  Top
Eagle Style Grappling   This is not EAGLE CLAW but EAGLE BRANCH of the Shaolin School. In this series straight applications of strikes, no forms, are given divided by weapon ...  Top
Shun Family Mixed Boxing   An unusual style mixing many famous fists such as Yue Boxing, Mei Hua, a non-circular Bagua, weapons and Tan Tui ...  Top
Southern Plum Mountain  This unusual style combines Southern Boxing along with weapon such as the sai and, interestingly, a formal Bagua lineage...  Top
Southern Fists   Hung Gar, Mok Gar and other Southern fists including Mantis.  Top
Tian Gang (Big Dipper)   An amazing performance with a master in his NINETIES! Tiger Crane, some Northern Fist, and applications. A rare style name after the BIG DIPPER.  Top
Wing Chun Fist #1   Bil Ji Dart Hands • Wooden Dummy • Sil Lim Tao • WC Staff •Butterfly Knives • Searching for the Bridge  Top
Wing Chun #2   Not just forms but many practical training drills by such instructors as Mai You Ming and Lo Bo Jun (head of the FoShan ChinWoo school) including the "Wong Fei Hong" version of Sil Lum Tao...  Top
Wong Fei Hong  Combinations of Hung, Wing Chun and Dragon Style from one of the premier Southern teachers of all time.  Top
White Eyebrow  The famous "forbidden" style of short range, effective moves also known as Bak Mei ...  Top
Sun Lu Tang  The life's work of one of the most famous practitioners, Sun Lu Tang, performed by his own daughter ! Also new, the entire corpus of Sun's Bagua and Xing Yi demonstrated by a major practitioner, Deng Fu Ming, ...  Top
Sun Bin Boxing  Special ORDER   Survey • 60 Hands • Hammer Fist • Small Frame Fist • Middle Frame Fist • Large Frame Fist • Road #1 Ambush Fist • Meridian Sword. Sun's grandfather wrote the Art of War  Top
Tai Chi: Gatherings  Many famous teachers coming together to lecture, perform and instruct  Top
Tai Chi: Various Styles  Tai Chi Fan • SUN Style Survey (includes three internal styles) • SUN T'ai Chi • LI Family Five Dragon Boxing • WU Style • Tai Chi Chin Nah • New Frame Xin Jia with Zhang ZhiJun  Top
Tai Chi: Usage  Tai Chi self defense shown with Chin Nah (grappling), striking and Push hands for fighting and training.  Top
Tai Chi: Yang Style Push Hands   A nice four-part series that takes you through the various versions of Push Hands in a sequential and organized manner...  Top
Tai Chi: CHEN Long Form Style  108 movement set #1• 108 set #2 • 108 set #3 • 108 set #4 • 108 Small Frame • Survey • Sword • Double Sabers  Top
Tai Chi: CHEN with Chen Xiao Wang  Reeling Silk Exercise series • Push Hands training • Chen Style Falchion  Top
Tai Chi: CHEN with Chen Zheng Lei  One of the most famous Chen stylists in the world. Old and New Frame weapons, hand sets, push hands and vitality exercises.  Top
Tai Chi: CHEN with Feng ZhiQiang  24 movement set • XinYi 32 move combination • 24 movement & Push Hands • 48 movement form • Second Road  Top
Tai Chi: Chen with Li EnJiu  Two hand sets, saber and sword from the leader of the "Hong" branch of Chen Tai Chi; a famous teacher.  Top
Tai Chi: CHEN "Thunder" Style  Four routines, each a "frame", from the last great branch to come out of the CHEN, Hu Lei Jia, the THUNDER style.  Top 
Tai Chi: CHEN Various  A lot of emphasis on usage. New Frame Xin Jia with Zhang ZhiJun  Top
Tai Chi: CHEN "Respect Ancestors" with Chen Qing Zhou  True "Old Frame" work with one of the most respected and traditional teachers of Chen Tai Chi left in the world. Biography    Top   
Tai Chi: LI Style  The famous style created by Li Rui-Dong with Xing Yi and BaGua mixed.  Top
Tai Chi: SHEN Style  Created by Shen Zhi-Long a style combining all internals and many external forms...  Top
Tai Chi: SUN Style  Developed by Sun Lu tang, this is one of the fastest growing styles of Tai Chi...  Top
Tai Chi: WAN SHENG  "10000 Victories": A very rare style of Tai Chi with an obvious Shaoin background ...  Top
Tai Chi: WU #1  Push Hands• Long Set • Saber • WU survey • 13 Method Saber • 64 Sword VCDs and DVDs compared with teacher Li Bing Ci  Top
Tai Chi: WU (Hao)  WU (HAO) Style Long Set • Push Hands • Straight sword with Qiao Song Mao.  Top
Tai Chi: WU Style #2  An entire branch of Wu with Teacher Zhao Wei Chuan, 5th generation lineage holder...  Top
Tai Chi: WU #3  Teacher Gao Lien Cheng shows some dynamic aspects of the Wu (Hao) style...  Top
Tai Chi: WU with Wang Pei Sheng  He is world famous as a martial teacher, and justly so ...  Top
Tai Chi: WU with Gao Zhuan Fei & Wu Wen Han   Student of Wang Pei Sheng and Yang Yu Ting, this is a very good presentation of the style with exceptionally clear...Wu Wen Han shows his detailed rendition...  Top
Tai Chi: XIAO Style   Combining Hao and Yang, BaGua, Xing Yi, Tong Bei and others...  Top
Tai Chi: YANG Style #1 Page One  Tradtional and rarer version of this classic style with Yang Zhen Dou, Imperial (Fei Lu) style and others...  Top
Tai Chi: YANG Style #2   More on the Yang Family Tai Chi with a good Push Hands series and Ding Shui-De's teachings...  Top
Tai Chi: YANG Style Push Hands   A nice four-part series that takes you through the various versions of Push Hands in a sequential and organized manner...  Top
Tai Chi: ZHAOBAO  It looks somewhat like Yang but some claim it is the "alternate" birthplace of Tai Chi. Long Set • Straight Sword • Survey • San Shou • Saber Set • Staff  Top

TAI TZU Shaolin branch   Special ORDER   Survey • Tai Tzu Part 1 • Tai Tzu Part 2 • Short Stick Another style claiming to be invented by the founder of the Sung Dynasty  Top

Chun Yang Taoist Sect   WU DANG PURE YANG STYLE: Many health preserving as well as Kung Fu forms and exercises from this Taoist style...  Top
Lu Mountain Taoist Sect  Flying Dragon sword • 13 sword • San Feng Tai Chi• 5 Elements • BaGua palms  Top
Night Traveler Taoist Sect5 Element Standing• Stance work • Yin Yang Tai Chi• Night Traveler Fist • Thrust Fist •Tai Chi Pavilion  Top
Qing Cheng Mountain Taoist Sect   One of the main mountains of Taoism, this branch contains : White Tiger Staff • Secret Gate Tai Chi • Cannon Fist Frame • North Star Boxing • 8 Immortal Sword • Tiger Boxing • 6 Through Fist  Top
San Feng Taoist Sect   The name "San Feng" comes from the full name of Zhang San Feng, the supposed creator of Taoist Wu Dang boxing (and specifically Tai Chi). This short series concentrates only on USAGE.  Top
Secret Taoist Sect   A number of interesting Taoist forms: Healthful Chi Kung • Wu Dang Tai Chi• 18 Posture Tai Chi • Unfettered Palms Xuan Wu Staff • Cinnabar Sword • Drunken Immortals Sword • Fly Whisk  Top
Song Xi Taoist Sect  Named after one of Zhang San Feng's disciples, this style has such forms as Swallow Fist• 6 Step Fist •Near By Fist • Bright Moon Fist • Vulture Fist •Hawk Fist • Yen Qing Fist• Small LuoHan Fist •Dragon Palm • Tiger Tail Whip • Ming Spirit Staff•Bright Rainbow Sword • Survey  Top
Tai He Wu Dang Taoist Sect   One of our newest Taoist styles: The Great Harmony branch of Wu Dang has more on the Poison Hand and Golden Bell than anything ...  Top
Coiling Dragon Taoist Sect   Pan Lung Men: A style that combines BaGua, Tan Tui, Shaolin and Snake Hands. A very expert elder instructor, Sun Xiang.  Top
Wu Dang Sword The famous Wu Dang Straight Swordof Li Jin Jing in detail.  Top
Wu Dang Taoist Boxing  Claiming inheritance from the Ming Dynasty this is a Taoist art based on Wu Dang principles.  Top
Wu Ji Taoist Style Wu Ji is a style based on the concept that from "Nothingness Everything came". Developed over 800 years ago during the Sung Dynasty; it consists of health, self defense and weapons work, with movements related to the meridians as in Chinese medicine. Has a version of 8 Pieces of Brocade.  Top
XiaoYao Taoist Style  In Chuang Tzu's words, this "loose and carefree (XiaoYao) " style has Chi Kung, excellent fist sets and weapons including the cane...  Top
San He Melded WuDang Style   Officially recognized in 1973 this unified style was created from "wu dang" style such as Taiji, Bagua and Xing Yi. Here is the creator himself ...  Top
TONG BEI (Through-the-back Boxing)
Tong Bei: 5 Element  An interesting mix of snappy moves and very definitely Long Fist actions. Practical and direct and somewhat similar to what most people think of as Kung Fu. Demonstrator: Zhao Bao An  Top
TongBei:" Chi Family  A number of sets, including a survey, from one of the oldest lines of Tong Bei in the world and some very able practitioners indeed ...  Top
TongBei: Hong Dong  : A relatively rare style of this famous art named after the first person to practice Tong Bei. This branch has double hook swords and some interesting hand sets along with...  Top
Tong Bei Chuan  A whole new series with many applications including bag training and pole work
 TongBei: White Ape : Tong Bei Basics • Mother Hands • Tong Bei Staff • Tong Bei Sword • 12 Cannon Fists  Top

TongBei: Wu Xing FIVE ELEMENT TAI CHI TONG BEI: Tong Bei Fighting Theory • San Shou • Tong Bei Basics Shaolin 8 Step Linked Boxing • Linked San Shou • Wild Horse Running Form • Shaolin Chuo Jiao  Top

TongBei Mantis And here's an interesting variation... Defnitely one of the rare styles of Praying Mantis Boxing. ...  Top
Wan Lai Sheng's Kung Fu #1   Many sets in Six Harmony style as well as ZiRanMen from this famous instructor. Original film footage included... Biography   Top 
Wan Lai Sheng's Kung Fu #2  Applications from those styles practiced by one of the 20th centuries famous Kung Fu practitioners ...  Top
Wan Lai Sheng's Kung Fu #3  Wu Sun Xiong, is the chairman of Wan Lai Sheng's organization in Macau. This series is highly focused on the practical applications of Wan's training methods. Special Order.  Top
Wen Sheng Style   An unusual and rare style but with definitely sophisticated movements. We call it the cross between Taiji and breakdancing...  Top
Western Staff #1   More staff sets in one place than you can shake a stick at. Also some hand and other weapons...  .  Top
White Crane Boxing #1   Fukian and other forms of the ever popular Crane boxing, the precursor to Okinawan Karate...  Top
White Crane (Wing Chun) #2  Not the Wing Chun STYLE but the name of the Fukian LOCATION... here is our most extensive series on this precursor to Okinawan Karate... includes many recognizeable weapons forms such as Sai and Sleeve Knives.  Top
SOUTHERN White Crane Boxing  The same style as Lama Boxing and Hop Gar boxing (Not Fukien but Tibetan White Crane). Top
White Eyebrow Boxing  The famous "forbidden" style of short range, effective moves also known as Bak Mei ...  Top
Wu Shi Jun's teaching   This dedicated contemporary instructor is all about tradition and Chinese culture. His arts include Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi, BaFa (8 methods) and Dragon Boxing...  Top
XING YI, XIN YI, Yi QUAN and company
Xing Yi: Che style   Che Style Xing Yi's emphasis is on movement flowing into movement . . .  Top
Xin Yi: Dai style #1  Dai Family is a major grouping in the field of Xing/Xin Yi (Hsing I) Boxing.  Top
Xin Yi: Dai style # 2  Dai Long Bang in particular developed the art, wrote about it and passed it on to the famous Li Luo Neng, one of the Qing Dynasty's most influential practitioners. . . .  Top
Xin Yi: Dai style # 3   Dai Long Bang in particular developed the art, wrote about it and passed it on to the famous Li Luo Neng, one of the Qing Dynasty's most influential practitioners . . . .  Top
Xing Yi: ShanXi style   Shan Xi is one of the best known and oldest of the Xing Yi styles. This series is also subtitled with some ENGLISH.  Top
Xing Yi: ShanXi style #2  ShanXi Xing Yi is shown in many aspects including Dai, HunYuan, the Xing Yi Whip and other boxing forms.  Top
XinYi LiuHe(Heart Intent Boxing)  LiuHe Saber • Xiao Yi Ba • Four Fists • 10 Animals  Top
Xing Yi: General   Linked Fists and Weapons • SUN style XY Sword • Straight Sword • SUN style Survey • Xing Yi Staff  Top
Xing Yi: with Di GuoYong  Saber • Spear • Staff • Survey * Sword • 5 Elements • 12 Animals • Linked Fists • 8 Fists • 8 Special Skills  Top
Xing Yi: Shang Style (competition)  Shang Style Essence • Basic Set • Intermediate Form • Advanced Form • Saber • Spear • Staff • Sword  Top
Xing Yi: Shang Style (traditional)  Basics with Li WenBin • 5 Elements partner • XY Sword • XY Staff • XY Spear • XY Saber • XY Partner Sword •An Shen Pao • Mixed Fists • 12 Flooding Red Fist • Comprehensive Duet • 6 Harmonies / 8 Postures  Top
Xing Yi: Shang Style Weapons  There are some weapons here, shown with Li Hong's precision and clear technique. Also one good Xing Yi empty hand set ....  Top
YiQuan #1 (Mind Boxing)  Power Issuance • Partner Work • Self Defense motions • Single Actions • Standing Postures • Testing Power  Top
YiQuan #2   A comparison page with both VCDs and DVDs of Wang Yong Xiang, Bo Jia Cong and Huang Jing Wen.  Top
 Xing Yi/Bagua: Jin Style  Ba Gua and Xing Yi are both represented in this series tracing from the lineage of Zhang Zhao dong.  Top
Yuan Gong Boxing   This "Ape Movement" style is loose, powerful and almost primtiive but with very interesting motions and some direct self defense applications.  Top
Yue Family Fist  A style tracing itself back to one of China's national heroes, Yue Fei: Staff • Applications • Yue Spear • Double Three Doors• Six Harmony Fist • Special orders.  Top
ZiRanMen (Tzu Ran)    "Natural Style": Basics • 9 Rings • 8 Legs • Chin Na • Eagle Style • San Shou • Spearplay • Fighting • Pressure Points • Big Knife • Dragon Sword • TzuRan Tai Chi • Throwing ALSO see Wan Lai Sheng below...  Top








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