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Plum Publications supports discussions about traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong, including tackling the topics of history, teaching and appreciating KUNG FU. Our network is international, with contributions from all over the world.

We hand-select, view and critique many products that are often offered elsewhere without comment. We have a huge selection of DVDs, Books and VCDs, in both Chinese and English.

We are also proud to produce and post FREE articles, training tips, video tutorials and reviews. And we welcome your own contributions to our weblog.

You are walking through a Kung Fu garden and may see a pavilion on the right, a waterfall over to the left . .. . Stroll a while and enjoy.

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Blossoms in the Spring Qigong
Blossoms in the Spring Qigong
Blossoms in the Spring Qigong
Southern Kung Fu






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