Chen Qing-Zhou
Tai Chi Master

Chen Qing Zhou is a 19th generation in direct lineage of the Chen Tai Chi Family. He comes from ChenJiaGou, the birthplace of traditional Chen style Tai Chi. He was born May 13, 1933. To aid in curing his childhood stomach and heart problems he started his training with his father, Chen Wu-Fang. Falling in love with the martial arts, he requested the right to study under Chen Zhao-Pei, 18th generation disciple of the famous Chen FaKe. From Chen Zho-Pei he learned Lao Jia. He was allowed to teach within a year of study and started in Liberation Cemetary in Wen County. He trained and taught this way for 20 years.

In 1974 he and other major players learned Xin Jia (New Frame) from Zhen Zhao-Kui, Chen FaKe's youngest son. But then Chen Qing Zhou did an unusual thing. He chose not to teach New Frame and took the stance that the Chen Family Tai Chi should be handed down as Chen ZhaoPei has done to him. This was not a minor decision in a country trying to "modernize" and pushing new Chen style hard. It caused many many hardships for Chen Qing Zhou. He took the stance, obvious in the name of his system, that the Ancients should be respected and his branch is therefore called ZunCu. His own curriculum keeps Lao Jia, Pao Chui, Single and Double Swords, Single Saber, Spring Autumn Knife, Five Fierce Tigers stick, Pear Blossom Spear, Pole basics, Bang (a small instrument for learning Reeling Silk energy) and Tai Chi Ball. His weapons utilize and emphasize real martial power and explosive issuance of energy.

Chen himself thinks he has taught 10 000 students. He teaches exactly as he was taught many years ago. His sons have been first place winners in many tournaments. He has acted as the vice-secretary general of the well known Wen County Annual Internation Tai Chi conference. He has been asked to be a head coach in ten provinces of China. Most importantly he has continued to promote true traditional marital arts as he knows it and has not wavered with fads or politics. He is a true master of the art. His very presence validates the lineage of other teachers. For instance Du YiTzu's Lao Jia in Taiwan bears striking similarities to Chen's style and comes from a similar branch of the family. Until recently authorities in China denied knowledge of the connection but now it is evident as an authentic branch of the style. Many other branches will emerge as long as teachers like Chen Qing Zhou stand by their values.