SUN ZHI JUN and Bagua
(1933 to present)




Sun Zhi Jun was born in the family village that houses the Cheng clan. Cheng style is one of the most famous and wide spread branches of Bagua. It was developed originally by the famous boxer, Cheng Ting Hua. When Cheng met his death at the hands of foreign troops during the "Boxer Rebellion" his brother escaped the same fate. This brother, Chen Dian Hua, taught his own son, Cheng You Sheng who became Sun's teacher.

The famous
Cheng Ting Hua (right)

Sun also takes some of his training from the Liang Zhen Pu branch and its major disciple Li Zi Ming. Sun also studied with Liu Zi Yang and Liang De Quan.

Sun Zhi Jun's teacher:
Cheng You Sheng

From Cheng You Sheng's severe instruction, Sun developed his in depth studies and Lower Basin Style Bagua leg strength.

Regarding his achievements in Xing Yi: Sun was a disciple of Cheng You Xin (son of Cheng Ting Hua and apprentive of Li Cun Yi). Practitioners of Cheng village worked side by side on Bagua and Xing Yi. After Cheng's death Sun continued practicing because he loved the style. He often collaborated with his junior, the well known, Qian Wen Zhang. He returned to Cheng village to exchange information with Ma Ming Shu (son of Ma Zhen Yu's who was Li Cun Yi's nephew).

In 1964 Sun went on to become a double Weapon and Empty Handed forms champion in the Beijing Wushu Championships.

1983 at the All China Traditional Wushu Conference Sun won a gold medal and was assessed as All China's outstanding wushu athlete.That same year he took over the Beijing East Village Wushu Guan teaching athletic and International classes in Bagua Zhang. He has been instructing there ever since.

In 1986 At a Chinese convention of traditional practices, Sun was selected to represent the Bagua contingent.

in 1991 he traveled to Japan on a cultural exchange program. This garnered him a Special Recognition

Sun's students demonstrating
Bagua Partner work

In 1992 he took trips to Singapore to spread the influence of Cheng style Bagua. During this time he also began presenting videos to the public with open instruction.

In 2004 he won two gold medals for Bagua and Bagua Saber in the First International Traditional Wushu Competition in Zheng Zhou, Henan.

Among his achievements Sun has been awarded an eight duan in Wushu. He is considered the fourth generation inheritor of the Cheng style. Formerly, he was the head of monitors of the Bagua Study seminar of the Third Committee of Beijing Wushu Association and is now a member of the Beijing Sports and Martial Arts Association.

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