Wang Pei Sheng (1919- 2004)

Master Wang Pei Sheng was born in 1919 in Wu Qing county, HeBei. His literary name was Wang Yin Cheng. He started training at 12 with Ma Gui, where he learned Yin Style Ba Gua Zhang's 64 Palms, Shi Ba Jie Saber and Tan Tui. He also learned Ruyi Tongbei Quan under Liang Jun Bo. Broadsword form. A year later he began with Yang Yu Ting (a student of Wang Mao Zhai who was in his turn a direct student of founder, Wu Quan You ), who taught him Wu Style Tai Ji Quan. Wang Mao Zhai noticed the boy and contributed personally and continually to his education. Wang's reputation as someone with fighting ability grew quickly. By the age of 15 he was already assisting Yang in the teaching chores. Getting up at 3:00 am, he would train himself. Then, on the opening of the Grand Temple at 6:00 he would enter and help his teacher instruct. After this intensive schedule, he was qualified. At 18, he began teaching on his own becoming the youngest martial teacher in Beijing. Among other venues he taught at Beijing Normal University. He eventually succeeded Yang Yu Ting as the head of the Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan group. Wang was very involved in the martial community. Among the other older generation masters he had personal training or contact with were Wu Jian Quan, Bu Xue Kuan, Han Mu Xia, Li Shu Wen (he became a younger "blood brother" as the story goes), and other famous names. He was also well respected as a fighter, having defeated many well known martial artists.

At one point he was away from Beijing for 18 years. On his return he competed at the 3rd Annual Beijing Tai Chi Contest for Seniors and won the saber division with the highest points for that weapon.

Yang Yu Ting

Master Wang was a curious and highly intelligent, assimilating a wide range of subjects from fields such as philosophy, science, medicine, etc. His book on Wu Style Tai Chi is an excellent text for any student, combining insights into posture, usage and acupuncture points. In this volume he introduced a nicely abstracted 37 move Wu Tai Chi Quan.

Besides writing books, teaching and appearing on television Wang acted as president of the Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association and the Beijing Wu Style Taiji Quan Association. During his life he also taught at the National Library, Beijing Normal University, and the Foreign Languages Institute.

On his passing in March of 2004 his funeral was attended by hundreds to pay their respects to this esteemed teacher.

Wang's Book on Tai Chi
Wang's VCD's on Wu Style Tai Chi


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