ZHU BAO ZHEN (1933 - present)

Bagua teacher Zhu Bao Zhen
Zhu Bao Zhen

Bagua teacher Liu Zhen Li

Zhu Bao Zhen's teacher:
Liu Zhen Lin

Yin Fu to Li YongQing (WanTong) to Liu


Zhu Bao Zhen Bagua books
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ALSO here are VCDS by the same teacher.

Shihfu Zhu comes from Ding Xing County, Hebei. His first style was Shaolin Quan. At fifteen he moved to Beijing, looking for work. At sixteen, in 1950, he started training with master Liu Zhen Lin (1885 - 1968, himself a Xing Yi student of Li Yun Shan and Bagua from Zhu Wen Bao). He stayed with teacher until his death in 1968. While there he learned Yin and Cheng styles of Bagua and some of the Ma Wei Chi branch. After this Zhu concentrated on Yin Style Bagua studying with three teachers: He Zhong Xiang, He Zhong Qi and Zhang Hong Qi. All of these were specialists in the style developed by Yin Fu's son-in-law, He Jin Kui with the first two gaining supplemental training from Yin Fu's fourth son, Yin Yu Zhang.

During this time, with this much intensive training, Zhu was able to gasp two forms of Yin style: Large Frame and Small Frame. The Small Frame was a natural extension of the Yin Fu style. The Large frame Zhu learned from Li Yong Zhuang.

Zhu also studied outside the Bagua circle with Hu Yao Zhen from which he caught the Er Lang Quan, Wu Zu Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Taiji Quan, Kun Lun Quan and QiGong.



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