Pa Kua Chang Journal

The entire run of all 38 issues all on CD-ROM
with a table or contents to allow access to each issue and article.
Over 1000 pages of great information.
Edited by Dan Miller.

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PC and MAC compatible--in PDF format


PA KUA (BaGua) CHANG JOURNAL edited by Dan Miller is a real treasure for the martial arts enthusiast. Published between November 1990 and February 1997 the Pa Kua Journal was without a doubt one of the best martial arts periodicals in the English language. It lasted 32 excellent and interesting issues combining high quality reportage with a wide ranging series of internviews and articles by top notch practitioners of the art of BaGua. For those of us who subscribed to it in the paper form the total price for the entire run cost $130.00. Now it's all available, without advertisements, for $34.95. and you don't have to wait a month for each issue.

Filled not only with great articles, the Pa Kua Journal has historical and famous photographs of major practitioners. Here, for instance, are some of the many topics covered...

The first major writings in English of Xie Pei Xi on the requirements of BaGua

A complete breakdown of the teaching method of Grandmaster Liu Yun Chiao's BaGua by Adam Hsu

Tim Cartmell's experiences learning BaGua in Taiwan

Vince Black's study with Li Zi Ming

And entire issue on the Single Palm Change as pracitced by major schools

Excellent articles on Ba Gua Weapons

and many more...

The Pa Kua Chang Journal is now available in this excellent format where all issues are perfectly accesible and will not yellow or fade. This full run of articles, photos, interviews and reviews is a truly great deal for anyone interested in the martial arts, especially BaGua, T'ai Chi and related arts.