ted mancuso in a bagua pose




PaKua with Su YuChang
The Kai Men or 4 Animals Form, applications, circling and principle practice .

Bagua Palms with Adam Hsu - 3 Titles Check out our SALE prices.
A top teacher of the martial arts shows Bagua's Internal Palms, Eight Changes and Linking Palms with special sections on Chi Kung, usage and Post work.

BaGua Fighting: Principles and Applications
Luo DeXiu of Taiwan demos Palm Changes, Applications, Two person sets, and more

GAO Style Bagua with Luo DeXiu
Expert Gao stylist Luo of Taiwan shows the Pre-Heaven and Combat sides of Gao Bagua

A Course in BaGua with Professor Kang GeWu PLUM EXCLUSIVE!
At last! The long awaited video in English language version by one of the leading historians in the martial arts world. Two sets of changes, different styles, fundamentals that are actually correct, 8 Big Palms.

A Course in BaGua with Kang GeWu Part 2! PLUM EXCLUSIVE!
Our first tape was a success! Now we have the long-awaited SECOND video by one of the leading historians in the martial arts world.Here is a complete breakdown on the Eight Powers Changing Palms.

Bagua Spear with Jiang JianYe

Bagua Staff with Jiang JianYe

Sun Style Bagua Straight Sword with Jiang JianYe


Xing Yi Nei Gong
This is the video version of Dan Miller and Tim Cartmell's book XING YI NEI GONG. Tim demonstrates all the major exercises in the book.

Ten Animal Xing Yi with Grandmaster Yu HuaLong
This is the famous Muslim variety of Xing Yi never taught to non-Muslims before 1949 demonstrated by a famous Cha stylist and grandmaster.

Xing Yi San Shou with Jiang JianYe


LiuHeBaFa with Dr. York Why Loo
The first English language video ever produced on the Six Harmonies Eight Methods or the so-called "Fourth Internal Style" also some times known as Water Boxing





















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