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Hidden I Ching Nei Gong

C057 Four Shapes Health Qigong
by Lu Yi Su 呂一素

$13.95 Traditional Chinese Characters, 53 Pages

An old manuscript—hand copied—with a modern series of photographs added with a practitioner in monk's dress to illustrate the key points of the exercises. Interesting descriptions of the balancing of energy in this exercises. Each form is an individual exercise, many with intriguing names such as Fierce Lion Plays with Ball, Pi Bear Leans on Tree, Butterfly Whirls, Bend the Bow and Shoot the Flood Dragon... Overall layout nicely done with good photos keeping in style of manuscript, print font that looks like hand written Chinese and ancient style double-fold-over pages rather than single pages to insure opacity.

Qigong practical

TC 425 Practical Chi Kung (Qigong)
by Zhang He 張和

Traditional Chinese Characters, 87 Pages Softbound, photographs,

1984 reprint of an earlier book, Hua Lian Publishers. Practical Chi Kung Illustrated.This book focuses on health Chi Kung such as liver practice, kidney practice, heart practice, lung practice. "About organ practice" section. .......Hungry Tiger Grabs Lamb and elimination of "bad chi". Yoga-like postures and exercises demonstrated by author.

Tai Chi ruler

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TC 524 Pre-Heaven Tai Chi Ruler
by Chen Hong Zhen 陳洪鎮

$12.95 Traditional Chinese Characters, 100 pages, photographs, softbound,

HuaLian ChuBanShe, 1985 reprint. The Tai Chi Ruler was only on revealed to the public in the early years of the Twentieth Century. From there it has fascinated many and also spawned a legion of imitations and interpretations of varying levels of quality. If nothing else this is a very intriguing book with many exercises including the Ruler, the Ball, Two person Ruler and more. One of the front pieces lays claim, with a photograph, to Zhao Zhong Tao with dates of 1844 to 1962. Yes, you read that right...

Er Mei Style Qigong

Emei 12 Qigong Secrets Record
TC 811 Emei Twelve Qigong Secret Methods
峨嵋十二莊气功訣秘 -
By Xie Ting Fei 謝亭飛

Traditional Chinese Characters , 169 pages, NO illustrations, softbound

Description of Qigong methods from Emei area. How many of these are there? Though WITHOUT illustrations, we though this would be invaluable for some particular researchers...

Hidden I Ching Nei GongCO52X   Collector's Reprint: Jiang Ning Gan FengChi's
Hidden I Ching Methods
Sitting and Standing manual
by Wen Chi Sheng editor

117 pages, softbound, , oversized (apprx:7 3/4 X 11 3/4), old style drawings.

Shaolin Monk Zho Yuan (from our Northern Shaolin lineage) taught Gan Fengchi. Gan was honored by being asked to give a demonstration of his skill to the Emperor in the Imperial Court. From there the rest of the Northern Shaolin lineage was passed, eventually, to Gu Ru Zhang. These are some of the supposedly hidden methods of internal refinement. This oversized collector's edition is very nicely done. The printing is done in a brushed-calligraphy font and the drawing style is consistent with the period.Embossed covers. A wonderful presentation of a book that is normally only available in the cheapest form. Worth a translation. Contents include:

Massage Method • Sun Essence Moon light • Introduction to the vitality medicine
The Pill Method • Purification Method • Crescent Moon Method
Serious Achievement Art • Elbows and Ribs Internal and External Art
Achieving the Tiger • Achieving the Dragon
I Chin Ching section: Wu Xi Monarch's Mouth Rinsing tradition
First Three Sections • Latter Four Sections • Refine Arm energy Art
Moving Qi Method • Wen Chi Sheng's 18 Postures • High Spirits Class
Four Forbidden Things

Eight Pieces of Brocade Manuscript CO53X    Collector's Reprint: The Eight Pieces of Brocade
Sitting and Standing manual
by Wu Shu Library

96 pages, softbound, , oversized (apprx:7 3/4 X 11 3/4),illustrations.

Here is a new series and a new offering from Lion Books. This beautiful, oversized text is an inexpensive facsimile version of an old book on the practice of the famous Ba Duan Jin. The 8 Pieces of Brocade is attributed to the national hero, Yueh Fei, and is done in a hand-written style calligraphy font with great old fashioned drawings. Embossed covers. The text contains the following sections all in traditional Chinese:

Gong Fu Source • Seated Practice theory • Ba Duan Jin Theory
Seated Posture • The Poem of the BaDuang Jin
Standing Theory • Standing Theory Three Lines Poem
General Comments on Standing and Sitting • Bad Habits

The pages are large, as is the text and illustrations. In addition the pages are under-printed with calligraphy. A nice presentation.

Athentic Ancient Qigong

Authentic Internal Practice
by Wang Nan Xi

93 pages, softbound,, oversized (7 1/8 X 10 1/4), NO photos or illustrations.

Nei Gong Zhen Fu. Herein are contained sections of possibly "secret" but definitely hard to find texts on the art and practice of Chi Kung. Among the sections are portions appertaining "The Interal Practice Classic (a section on how the Chi affects the external body)," The "Received Trigrams Scripture ( a section on bringing the Chi to the extremities and methods) ", "The Transported Spirit Classic (about the relationship of the spirit to the practice " and the "Earth Dragon Scripture ( the attainment of these abilities and their skillful exploitation in the world)." The book, acquired under odd circumstances and compiled by a JingShi, a Taoist teacher of classics, delves into the circulation of Chi and the various patterns of that circulation. This is a perfect candidate for translation. Be advised THERE ARE NO ILLUSTRATIONS other than just a few I Ching trigrams. One of the martial connections of the text is to the Shan Xi Xing Yi branch where it was studied but difficult to come by.

Qigong Details

by Wang Hsien Bin

, Almost entirely Chinese text. 69 pages.

A book, as the title suggests, on the integration of Yi-Chi-Kung (Intent-Vital Energy- and Fortitude). This is a book centered around meditative exercise and aspects of self cultivation. A small book but it deals with a number of Chi Kung related topics such as acupressure points pertaining to self - enhancment. NOTE: Very few illustrations, mostly of seated meditation.
"Chaos" QIgong

Tai Chi "Hun Yuan Kung"
by Hsueh Nai Yin

, 104 pages, photographs, very clear traditional Chinese fonts

In the practice of Tai Chi we have "Wu Ji" standing as a method of regulating the self. This "Primordial " series of exercises are in the same vein, simple moves that some people would call "Ch'i Kung" derived from Tai Chi. The author has experience in Xing Yi, BaGua and is particularly well versed in Wu style Tai Chi. In fact the Tai Chi practitioner will see these as extensions and condensations of major Chi Kung movements keeping the essence of Wu in tact.

Ideas from the text:

The Primordial Yin Yang had these concepts: Original Jing (or essence), Original Chi, and Original Shen (or spirit). All of these together are one body, the Primordial Body.

After we are born there are two Chi's (Heaven and Earth), Three Powers, Four Branches, Five Elements, six Harmonies, Seven Stars, Eight Directions and Nine Palaces.

Hun Yuan, Primordial, Chi Kung makes the spirit and essence abundant. Chi fills the living body. When Chi stops, life leaves. Therefore it is said, "Chi is Life's root." There are a number of types of Chi: Original Chi, Before Heaven (Birth) Chi, Post Heaven Chi and personal essence Chi.

In Hun Yuan Chi Kung we regulate the body, regulate the mind and regulate the heart. The basis of this is to control all elements as we practice. In this practice we recognize the truth of Chinese philosophical concepts such as those we find in the Book of Changes and the mutual interplay between Yin and Yang

Note: The traditional Chinese in this text is easy and clear with excellent typography and very clear photos. An inexpensive edition particularly useful for Wu style teachers and other TC instructors to expand their repertoire.


Chinese Language Qigong
SIMPLIFIED Chinese Characters

Tai Chi Ruler

 SC 807  Tai Chi Ruler -
by Zhang Guang De

Simplified Chinese Characters Only,
76 pages, complete color photographs, VCD enclosed

Yang Sheng Taiji Bang. Health Promoting Taiji Ruler. This book is devoted entirely to the Taiji Ruler. The exercises are shown that take you through all the most basic motions of the art. The regiment progresses logically from easier to more difficult with more body rotation and coordination required. Some of the actions are one handed and almost use the Ruler like a sword-substitute. Very clear photography. The Ruler is a relatively new technique (as far as the public is concerned) but there are already many versions. These are straight forward yet progressive. Though completely in Chinese the VCD accompanying this book is quite good. You won't have seen the Ruler done with more precision than this often. The exercises are varied with some requiring a good deal of skill. A good production overall.