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Lion Books

NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).

Daoist Mudras

Daoist Abstruse Incantations and Hand Positions - SC 247
by Wu Sheng
$16.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
54 pages, English/Chinese text, illustrations and accompanying VCD showing exercises also with minimal English/Chinese narration.

This ancient practice is only supplementarily attached to martial studies but is fascinating anyway. The basic theory suggests that the body is completely integrated and all the channels run qi through the hands. Therefore subtle changes in hand positions and harmonics that directly affect the organs can be melded with meditative technique to rectify problems in health. Daoism is a belief where the longevity of the practitioner is the aim, Daoist belief that we need more time on earth to realize our true natures.


Lost Track Kung Fu Weapons

Wu Dang Sword - SC 633
by Zhu Lian Fang and Zhang Jin Pu: 朱廉方 & 张金普
$ 11.95 Simplified Chinese Characters
231 pages, soft bound, illustrations.

武当剑: 单练暨对剑
As the title announces this book is on the Wu Dang sword practice for individuals and partners. The entire 132 high level set is shown. This is followed by a partner version (this is the first book we've had demonstrating the partnered Wu Dang sword) that runs another 110 movements. Though mostly devoted to the instructions there are a number of nice additions including Ten Points for Swordplay; a section on one of the first sword teacher, a woman, YueNu; background on the Wu Dang sword; anatomy of the sword and the gripping thereof. The illusrations are simple, relatively large and clean. The Wu Dang, which was relatively unknown outside of China a few decades ago has increased in popularity because it is a large set with most sword skills, it is a beautiful set with the elegance of Tai Chi like movement and its association with that last generation of Chinese fighters who could really use the sword like Li Jing Lin, who is mentioned in the text.


3 Star Canon

3 Star Canon Boxing - SC 614
by Zhang Han Wen
$18.95 Simplified Chinese Characters;
567 Pages, Softbound. Photographs and illustrations.

We have darn few books on this traditional and old style of Wu Shu. But this one makes up for much of that by being so comprehensive. Probably over 1000 photograph and illustrations cover a large part of the system. Hand sets in numbered series, such as Road #4, three of the four basic weapons, stretches, hand and body conditioning, A pretty complete book.
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