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NOTE: Please be aware that we only have one or two copies of some of these. Many aren't even in print any more. Even if it is listed here it may already be out of stock (we'll try to keep it updated but they may go fast).
Six Harmony Kung Fu  SpearPraying Mantis Lan Jie (Intercept and Attack) #TC435
Shi Zheng Zhing and Yang Feng Shi
$14.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
108 pages, photographs and illustrations.

A famous set in the Mantis lineage. This text is fair to good photographs with father and son pretty much alternating pictures and poses. This gives a somewhat different approach where you can immediately check one posture against another. 64 pages. Lineage notes for people and some forms, a number of short pieces on Lan Zie. Also we have a small “cartoony” illustration of the form and straight forward breakdown on the form.



Kang Ge Wu Wushu dictionary
TC143 Dagger Art and Applications; Bayonet Studies
$14.95 Traditional Chinese Characters; with old photos and illustrations
73 pages, traditional Chinese
Bayonet Practice Kung Fu Style

Some books are just meant to be collected, especially now and into the future where books themselves may be collectible just because they are books.

This edition concerns the use of the bayonet with safety weapons and scoring attacks such as one might see in fencing. All this is recorded in accordance, I would guess, with the idea of modernizing the Chinese army techniques. Contact was allowed even to the point of wearing a helmet. Some very applicable techniques with partner staff work is also presented.

It would be assumed that the helmet and assembled body armor are at least partial imitations of the western approach. A second example of this is the progressive shape of the instruction. It begins with a short strike that might as easily serve as a knife. Body targets are indicated by the poses. Next comes the considerably more difficult short stick vs. Staff (or Spear). As one might expect the moves here are aimed at an individual counter-swipe to the Staff holders wrist and then a quick entrance and a decided strike administered simultaneously. Disarms are next demonstrated with an emphasis on Tiao, moving the spear toward heaven augmented by knees and close elbows. Expect hazy photos as befits what has probably been a rough journey through martial libraries. We under-ordered on this so there may be a few left but I can’t promise immediate shipping.

Author / Presenter: Training Director's Department of Military Science and Technology


Six Harmony Kung Fu  SpearThe Wild Goose Sword #A617
by Cai Yun Huang
$19.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
135 pages, photographs and illustrations.

This book presents the relatively unknown weapon that is a combination of the straight sword and the saber. Is this a salt and pepper union or can each weapon actually contribute to the blended personality of this weapon? The photography is good and the clarity of the DVD is quite good, showing master and student (don't fret when, near the end, the sound leaves the DVD, just concentrate a little more).


Six Harmony Kung Fu  Spear

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The Common Basis of Martial Arts #TC633
by Wan Lai Sheng 萬籟聲 (1903-1995)
$14.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
346 Pages Softbound - photographs and illustrations.

This book, The Common Basis of Martial Arts, was published in 1927. From a scholar's family, Wan learned many martial arts but eventually developed his skills in two Zi Ran Men and Liu He Quan (Natural Fighting and Six Harmony Boxing). Wan was a highly influential teacher and writer in the martial field. A national champion he was often associated with Gu Ru Zhang, the head of the Northern Shaolin School. Wan's book, quite famous, covers many topics such as Chi Kung, weapons, archery, Six Harmony forms, and national pride. Long before Bruce Lee he was a very modern exponent of functional martial arts. A major figure in the transition period of China and Chinese arts.


Six Harmony Kung Fu  Spear Six Harmony Spear #C140
by Jin Yi Ming 金一明
$13.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
108 pages, photographs and illustrations.

This beautiful little book is a double treasure. First it was written by Jin Yi Ming, a noted reformer and author of Chinese Martial Arts books at the beginning of the 20th century (see Brian Kennedy’s book). Second this is an exposition on the famous Six Harmony Spear, one of the most famous in the CMA and with wonderful old fashioned illustrations. A nice clean reproduction in this key series from Lion Books with some slight cutting on the margins from the copying process.


Xuan Men Hidden Secti Taiji Sword Great Pear Blossom C108
Spear Illustrated
by Cheng Ren Jun 程人駿
$10.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
90 pages, old photographs, softbound.

This book starts with traditional dedicatory forwards by famous teachers of the time such as Cheng Shan Zhi, Dai Tian Jiu, Cheng Zhi Cheng and Liu Hai Long. This is followed by a section of key points (no pun) of the spear. Then a set is shown with wonderful old photos of a shirtless Cheng demonstrating the set with classic austerity and restraint. A very nice addition to your Kung Fu collection of old time books and photos. (By the way, among spear enthusiasts the Liu Hua Pear Blossom ranks right up there with the Six Harmony and Yang Spear. Of course each version is different but no one who knows nothing of Spear even claims to have this set.)


Chin Woo (Jinwu) RecordThe Central Ching Woo Record - C103X
Compiled by various members
$34.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
275+ pages, photographs and drawings,
softbound, oversized around 7.5 by 10.5 inches. Chin Woo (Jinwu) Record

We have been trying to represent this text for a long time. This is a new reprint of the original Chin Woo (Qing Wu, JinWu) Ben Ji or the memorial edition chronicling ten years in the development of the most famous Kung Fu organization in the world. The subject of novels and movies such as "The Chinese Connection" and "Fists of Legend"; the Ching Woo was a real organization (and still is). This was China's first attempt to modernize Kung Fu instruction with a universal curriculum. This special limited edition shows dozens of pictures of the brave souls who helped to re-ignite Chinese moral courage and character. Many sections speak of the Chinese athletic endeavors as well as Western style interests like billiards and photography. This marked a major change in Chinese consciousness and the beginning of an amalgamation which, had it not been torn apart by war, might well have sped China along it path to progress If you have a real interest in this amazing time comparable to the Harlem Renaissance, this book will be a valuable collector's item.

Click on either picture to see some old photos.

Customer review of this book.


Tong Bi (Tong Bei) Kung Fu Tong Bi Boxing San Shou- TC 623
by Bing Wen 秉文
$9.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
97 pages, photographs and illustrations, softbound.
Hua Lian ChuBanShe, 1988.

Tong Bi (Through the Arm) is also called Tong Bei (Through the Back). A comprehensive style it combines energies from many different styles along with the major concepts of Chinese Kung Fu such as "Tong Bei" itself. Pigua, Baji, Shaolin and other styles have been subsumed into the style which gained a renewed life in the early part of the twentieth century. This book , an informal hand written style presentation, has a section on the basics, a form and then illustrations of applications for this style which, some say, should be included in the designation of "internal styles".


Gong Li Quan Shaolin GONG LI (Flowing Strength) Boxing - TC616
by Ding Shao Sz
$9.25 Traditional Chinese Characters;
86 pages, no illustrations, softbound.

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The form known as Gong Li Chuan (Flowing Strength Boxing) is very famous. Often it is compared to Tan Tui as a strong fundamental exercise. In the Chin Wu Association it was the second form taught in the general curriculum after Tan Tui. This hand written version shows small but clear illustrations of the form. Gong Li, by the way, is also the name of a style of Northern Kung Fu famous in China but almost entirely represented outside it by this single form. It begins with a thirty plus introduction to the history and practice of Chinese martial arts.

Shaolin Soft Boxing Shaolin Soft Boxing - TC615
by Ding Shao Sz
$8.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
78 pages, no illustrations, softbound.

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This set was said to come through Chang San Xiang, probably the best Six Harmony Boxing master in Taiwan's history. However Chang tended to teach Mantis to few people and taught Shaolin mostly instead. This form contains 41 postures. The book is hand written with small, clear line illustrations each posture have a number of figures for demonstration. The Rou Quan, which we have a version of in the our VCD section, is considered the "soft" side of Shaolin practice and is often compared to Tai Chi Chuan practice. This book concentrates on the set with informal written instructions as we have said, in handwritten form. NOTE: Most copies we have of this book have been oddly cut with the top trim a little extreme (see scan). Does this make it more valuable? Don't worry, same price no matter.
Our VCDs on Shaolin Soft Boxing.


Zi Hsun Staff by Wang Pei Sheng Zi Hsuan Staff - TC606
by Wang Pei Sheng
$12.95 Traditional Chinese Characters;
136 pages, good illustrations, softbound.

This is one of that series of book done in "hand writing" style with Chinese characters done as though penned in by a human hand. This stick, is eyebrow height with a Long Arm approach. The set contains swings, twirls and strikes. The point of interest with this text is that it was written by the famous, Wang Pei Sheng, a self sufficient point of provenance!



The Central Ching Woo Record -

Oh my good god...that Chin Woo book is amazing...You guys need to get people to start peer reviewing your products or at least set up a quality measure rating system for people to understand what they are getting. ....

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