DVDs: Various TAI CHI styles

There are many fine styles of T'ai Chi generally under-represented. Here are such branches as Sun LuTang's (demonstrated by his daughter) and other, lesser known, branches of the art or DVDs with emphasis on usage rather than style.

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DVD#24289 SHA style Taijiquan
Double DVD - Learn more about this master

Here is the Tai Chi first Road of what is now being called “Sha” style after the creator of these sets Sha Guo Zheng. His son demonstrates this beautiful and well-constructed form. Sha’s style is a fluid, powerful and interesting variations with a true Tai Chi feeling. It is possible to make a Tai Chi form with almost none of the movements of any standard style and draw all these other sources. I’m not saying Sha has done this, but many of the movements in this set are different and unusual. The fluid, logical and very clean appearance and construction of this set make it one of the better “new” Tai Chi styles..

Double DVD

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DVD#24290 SHA style Taiji Straight Sword
Triple DVD  - Learn more about this master

This beautiful variations is strongly based on the "13 Method Sword" of Yang style Tai Chi. Many sections are similar but with extended counts per move and with entirely new sections. Graceful, well structured its refined nature belies that it in very few ways resembles those forms where most time is just spent showing that you can twirl a sword. Woven into the refinements of Sha's vision there is a sense of certitude and authority. Not easy but no gymastics.

Triple DVD

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DVD#29942 GU style Taijiquan
Double DVD

This is a style said to derive directly from Taoist priests. This was created at the beginning of the Qing (around 1650) by Gu Dian Yi, whose monk’s name was Yun You. He developed this style known as Gu Taijiquan. It has been passed down for over 300 years. Liu Deng Xin is the ninth generation holder of the style. His teacher of 30 years was eight generation heritage holder, Zhang Bin. In 1995 and 1998 Liu participated in the Yong Nian games leading his team to numerous victories including his own push hands and forms medals. He was also voted a “Taijiquan Master” by the community at the competition. In 1999 and 2000 he competed and lead his team capturing for himself the title of heavy weight Push Hands champion in 1999 and Heavy weight San Shou Champion in 2000. This form is VERY different from the standard Taiji styles though many primciples are the same (see weblog for further comments).

Double DVD

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DVD#21021 Tai Chi CHI KUNG
Harmony in Transition
Jason Tsou

This Chi Kung is designed to enhance the skills of Tai Chi practitioners of all levels. Though Master jason Tsou did not intend being controversial, there will be some who see the information in this DVD that way. This series of movements and interpretations are based on a Ball and Bowl concept directly from the lineage of Yang Ban Hou. Jason Tsou introduces these principles with Chi Kung breathing and detailed instruction. He then applies them to a 24 movement short set where he seeks for the roundness of the Ball then adds the force training aspects of the Bowl. Finally there is a thirty minute workout with principles applicable to ANY form of Tai Chi. For those who want an in-depth series of concepts to tie in their Tai Chi with Chi Kung, this is the DVD.

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DVD#10025 Sun Tai Chi Survey of the Sun Style
About an hour,

SUN JIAN-YUN, the daughter of the very famous martial artist and writer, Sun Lu-Tang leads this demonstration tape of the Sun Style. Though the cover lists Sun T'ai Chi there is more here than that. This is not an itstruction VCD but starts with a performance of Sun T'ai Chi by Sun Jian-Yun, herself an "old Shihfu". Other students and family members help demonstrate T'ai Chi, Sun Style Ba Gua Partner Sword practice, Sun Style Hsing Yi Fist Set, and a rather nice Sun style Xing Yi sword. Little talking but a lot about the Sun style for the interested student. More on Sun style ...

DVD Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#10030 Sun Tai Chi Sun Long Set
Double DVD,

This is a Double DVD with over two hours of performance. Here Sun Lu Tang's own daughter demonstrates the elements and specifics of Sun Style T'ai Chi. She exhaustively goes over each move and with the help of a student shows proper form and execution. Though bent with the years - her life in China has been a hard one - she shows the resilience and true spirit of her family art. For those interested in one of the acknowledged "Five Family Styles" of T'ai Chi, here's the source. Double DVD.

120+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles      

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#10019 ZhaoBao Staff & San Shou
(Corresponds to VCDs #19 & 347)

A wonderful and simple set for the T'ai Chi player utilizing a staff. Also slight demonstrations of other T'ai Chi weapons. This demonstrated out in a field by a long time practitioner. Short stick with numerous angle changes, rolls and strikes. All performed in the relaxed manner of T'ai Chi. A nicely done set.

Zhaobao Tai Chi: a step-by-step explanation demonstration of each movement of the Long Form applied to a self defense situation. Much grappling and counter-motions to hold as well as strikes. Very clear "first level" explanations. (corresponds to VCD #19 and #347) More on Zhaobao...

60+ Minutes Mandarin/ English Subtitles       

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DVD#10364 Tai Chi Masters Performances
This is a Double DVD.

Demonstrators: Many.
Part of a series of demonstrations by famous and representative Tai Chi practitioners teaching during the 2001 ZhuHai International conference. Each disk is separate. Both DVD collectively cover so much information we listed the performances in a separate Infobox ... This incorporates VCDS #290 AND #364 each of which was a Double VCD. This is a Double DVD.

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Chen style presented by: Chen Zheng-Lei, Wang Xi-An, Ma Hong, Zhang Zhi-Jun;

Yang style: Yang Zhen-Duo, Fu Sheng-Yuan, Zhao You-Bin, Cui Zhong-Shan,

Sun style: Sun Yong-Tian;

Wu Jian-Quan's style: Ma Hai-Long;

Wu Yu-Xiang's style: Wu Wen-Han, Zhong Zhen-Shan, Hu Feng-Ming

Zhaobao style: Zhao Zeng-Fu, Wang Hai-Zhou, Li Yu-Fen

Wudang style: You Xuan-De, Guo Zhao-Feng.

Demonstrations of Competition Routines by Li De-Yin, Wang Er-Ping, Wu Dong.