DVDS: YANG Style T'ai Chi

Demonstrator/Teacher: Various including Terry Dunn, Jiang Jian Ye, Lin Mo Gen, and others. Yang Chen Fu created the Long Tai Chi set representative of the Yang style and famous now throughout the world. His grandfather Yang "The Invincible" created the Yang style itself.

Yang form Tai Chi is probably the most popular of all Tai Chi styles in the world. Yang movements are carefully conceived and practically arranged. The player demonstrates poise and confidence while moving at medium speed. Due to its special constuction it can be played by people of all ages and degress of fitness. Within Yang family there are subdivisions such as the Yang Chen Fu branch, the Mi Chuan form, the Yang Jian Hou branch and others. Many of these use the basic structure of Yang but add insights and methods not so readily found elsewhere. See our first page of Yang style masters.

Yang Taijiquan 115 FormYang Style Taijiquan-115 Type Traditional Form Parts 1, 2 & 3
Lin Mo Gen
3 sets of Double DVDs, Chinese/English, ~109 minutes in each set
$27.95 each, Order all three sets for $25.00 each (discount shown in shopping cart)

This version of the Yang Long Set keeps to its strongest concepts: slow, even, relaxed, and "mindful." It also demonstrates very powerful and deep techniques, allowing the six disks making up the set to go beyond the normal meaning of "song" or relaxation.

Outside normal practice you will occasionally find a player who might practice this way or—even find yourself doing this—namely, relaxing so deeply that the postures melt a bit into such a heaviness. Observing this speed, it looks as though it is difficult for the teacher to raise his arms afloat, or to sync his hands with their expected shapes. This elder performer has been doing this for a long time, and that relaxation might also explain why it takes six DVDs to get through the entire form.

Is this the way an earlier generation practiced? Quite possibly.

DVD #24971: Part 1
DVD #24972: Part 2
DVD #24973: Part 3


Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#22076 Tai Chi Chuan Old Yang Long Form
Scott Jensen
Single DVD, English, 1:01+ minutes, $39.95 (10% discount for ordering two or more Jensen DVD's)

This version of the famous form has a open wide feeling that might also reflect the influence of Northern Shaolin. The movements all demonstrate the Large Frame, keeping an open and relaxed posture at all times.  The sequence and positioning of the movements do not follow the general placement for Yang style Tai Chi, and therefore bears the name of Old Yang Style. There are a number of "moves between moves" showing a little more meaning than many Yang Long Forms.



I Jin Jing QigongDVD#24146 T'ai Chi for Health: the Short Set
Terry Dunn $29.95 Plum Price: $27.95
2 Hours

Without a doubt the MOST POPULAR VIDEO of Tai Chi ever produced in the western world. And with reason, Terry Dunn, a real expert, shows the Cheng Man Ching short form of Tai Chi. This DVD is completely organized for easy learning and clear instruction. Terry's movements are accurate, graceful and explicit. He moves through the form and at the same time moves YOU along with small bites at a time. Relax and learn.


I Jin Jing QigongDVD24147  T'ai Chi for Health: the Long Set
Terry Dun
n $29.95 Plum Price: $27.95
2 Hours

If you've been practicing the Short Set for a while you might just want to try "the Big One". This is Terry Dunn's extremely clear and concise instruction on the MOST PRACTICED form of Tai Chi in the world, the Long Form developed by Yang Chen Fu. He is the CORE PRACTICE of Tai Chi. It will take a little more time to learn than the Short Set above but this TWO HOUR DVD takes you through this famous, and beautiful method of Tai Chi practice.


Yang style Tai Chi Post Birth Method#14001 Yang Style Post Birth Method

It is probably no surprise to anyone that the Yang Family Tai Chi is not entirely contained within the one, famous form of Yang Chen Fu. Here is another claimant to the idea of various other forms within Yang Lu Chang's original system of at least eight forms. This one concentrates on "post-birth" movements where at least some strength is shown. Somewhat like a Xing Yi set, as many of the things dating to Yang's birthplace of Yong Nian, are; this form uses elbows, double punches, back bends and other movements not as common in the longer Solo Exercise. Is this truly one of the "original" versions of the form? Who can tell? Jiang's version here is straight forward and pedagogic if not inspired.

118 Minutes, English, click picture to enlarge       

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Tai Chi Short Whip Stick 1Tai Chi Short Whip Stick 1New! #24287 and 24288 Yang Taiji Yang Ban-Hou Style Tai Chi

The general structure of the form is similar to the Yang Chen Fu version but almost every move in itself is different though often just as a logical variation. The Golden Cock Stands on One Leg, for instance, becomes a kicking action. Brush Knee and Push becomes more of a chopping action. Yang Ban Hou’s (1837-1892) version is considered by some Tai Chi practitioners to be more of a fighting form. It is also said to be a smaller frame though this is not evident from this presentation. Ban Hou who was designated as the inheritor of the system had the unfortunate habit of using full force on his students and therefore had few of them. He also worked with Li RuiDong and helped to create the Li style originally called Seven Start Postures. He also taught Wu Quan You, the creator of the Wu style. There are those who think of the Ban Hou form as being not only better fighting material but also the basis of what became the Yang Chen Fu version.

PART ONE, #24287, is NOW UNAVAILABLE. We still have a couple of copies of Part 2. Click here if you would like an email, should it come back.

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Tai Chi Short Whip Stick 1New! #24286 Yang Taiji Small Nine Heaven

This is considered by some practitioners to be a remnant of Yang Lu Chan’s original yang style Tai Chi. This is essentially a power issuing form more than an esthetically appealing routine. Many moves are repeated on both sides with some hands either never appearing in the Long Form or performed here in a much abbreviated and therefore probably more functional form. From what we are able to tell this is an accurate though relatively straight forward and unelaborated version of this form. Background Note: Though it is a general medical and Taoist term, the Small Nine Heavens can refer to the nine big joints of the body (three on the legs, arms and spine) and sometimes is a prelude to mastering the Macrocosmic Orbit. Interesting enough a form that focuses on energy expulsion might also allow that by coordinating the "Small Nine Heavens."

121 Minutes, English

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Jiang Jian Ye does Tai Chi Wisdom FistDVD#14016 Tai Chi Wisdom Fist (Zhi Chui)

This is said to represent one of the original forms of the Yang LuChan system of Tai Chi. This is a short to middling set of 29 postures. Jiang demonstrates each action from multiple angles and also gives basic combinations and applications for each section. Overall an interesting "short" Tai Chi form.

120 Minutes, English     

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Jiang Jian Ye does Tai Chi Ball#DVD 14027 Yang Style Tai Chi Ball
by Shihfu Jiang Jian-Ye

This system is said to come from Yang Lu Chan in Hebei. Yang taught the Wang family some of his secrets. Yang created a complete system with ten sub-sets, one of which is believed to be the ball practice. In 13 forms this DVD demonstrates the ball exercises of the Yang style. The medium sized form is shown fist and then broken down. The movements are large and clear and generally symmetrical. Jiang might demonstrate more Reeling SIlk in his torso but the actions of the form are clearly shown. The 13 posture idea replicates Tai Chi's original 13 postures. No applications are shown. NOTE: Ball practice can be amazingly useful. The order of the form is far less important than mastering torso and wrist control.

120 Minutes, English      

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Jiang Jian Ye does Yang Tai Chi#DVD 14005 Yang Style Tai Chi 13 Dan

It is probably no surprise to anyone that the Yang Family Tai Chi is not entirely contained within the one, famous form of Yang Chen Fu. Here is another claimant to the idea of various other forms within Yang Lu Chang's original system of at least eight forms. This video teaches Yang Jian-Hou Tai Chi Thirteen Dan with 13 Animals and Birds Combination. Yang Jian-Hou was the son of Yang Lu-Chan, founder of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

118 Minutes, English        

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