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Here are DVDs from a wide group of sources. In some cases we are almost the only distributors. As usual we have viewed these and find them some times good, some times great but always at least acceptable with information that can be relied on to the extent one might wish to rely on a DVD in lieu of a living teacher.

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Tim Cartmell Standing Grappling

DVDs #18146 (Lesson 1) and #18147 (Lessons 2 & 3)
Secret Fighting Skills of the Chinese Military

Dennis Rovere

Lesson 1 (Single DVD): $25.00
Lessons 2 & 3 (Double DVD set): $40.00
Buy BOTH SETS (Lessons 1, 2 & 3) for $55.00, SAVE $10.00! (Discount shows in Shopping Cart)

The material in this DVD series is based upon the actual close combat training methods of the Chinese commandos, as taught at Changsha and Baoding, prior to and during WWII. The release of this series is the first time a cross-section of Chinese military close combat methods has been shown to civilians.


Lesson 1 covers 4 areas of basic training:

  • Forging post training
  • Two man combat conditioning
  • Lien Bu Quan demonstration
  • Multiple combat applications of the form

Lesson 2 includes:

  • Two joint Chin Na
  • Critical defensive principles
  • Club angles

Lesson 3 contains:

  • Yu Ji Dui
  • Usage against knife
  • Knee position knife defense
  • Grab neutralizations for limbs (2 joints)
  • Limb Captures
  • Breakdown of Lien Bu Quan

The series instructor, Dennis Rovere is considered the West's leading authority on Chinese military close combat. Over the past 37 years he has trained numerous western military units including: reconnaissance instructors; military police; military peacekeepers; and military bodyguards operating in warzones and high threat environments. He is the last senior student of Colonel Chang Hsiang Wu, the former chief instructor of military strategy and close combat at the central Military Academy of China at Nanjing.

Mr Rovere, Independent Scholar, was the first civilian to train with the bodyguard instructor’s unit of the Wu Jing, and with the Gung An Bu (Chinese public security).

DVD #18146  
DVD #18147  
Tim Cartmell Standing Grappling

DVD #24350 Chin Na in Depth
Yang JwingMing

Yang JwingMing demonstrates 30+ techniques for use against common attacks. Taking this core of movements he shows interception, trapping and sealing along with distance and angle control. Taught in English, this presentation has subtitles in English and Spanish.

This DVD is definitely more advanced and comprehensive than the earlier offering from Dr. Yang. He directly addresses the weakness area of his earlier work, namely how to apply these maneuvers to non-cooperative partners and even enemies. These are taken from in-flight punches, showing how to not only stop the punch but prevent it being retracted. He shows a number of special interceptions which really help setting up the opponent for the follow up locks and controls. Clear and straight forward instruction. A nice addition is watching the students try the captures, a very educational approach.

$39.95 About 155 Minutes, 

Tim Cartmell Standing Grappling

DVD #18068 Standing Grappling
Tim Cartmell

Tim Cartmell, long time teacher, competition champion and dedicated martial artist comes out with a well-organized, straightforward DVD on major attacks and their counters from the standing position. He covers, among other topics: full nelsons; tackles; wrist grabs; bear hugs; head locks; chokes and more dangerous attacks. Though taken from the standing position, Tim is well versed on the ground and therefore gives only the most practical and down-to-earth instruction. A good, solid teacher with intimate knowledge of the principles involved, he discusses making a base, initial response, proper leverage and application of angles. Thorough, professional .

About 60 Minutes        

Quantity  $44.95 for each volume and a 10% discount for ordering both 18068 & 18069.

Tim Cartmell Ground Proofing DVD #18069 Ground Proofing
Tim Cartmell

Tim Cartmell, long time teacher, competition champion and dedicated martial artist goes into a detailed discussion and demonstration of ground "proofing". There are a number of notable aspects to this DVD. First, is that Tim wisely concentrates on vital motions which can be practiced in solo form. He shows the partner application then demonstrates how it can be practiced alone on the mat. Next is Tim's experience and very well-structured martial knowledge. He approaches his subject as a teacher who actually wants you to "get the point". Then, but not finally, Tim shows sparring that demonstrates his talents, rational martial attitudes, and ability to do the ultimate: to ad lib when it's necessary and to apply what he teaches. A lot of information .

About 60 Minutes        

Quantity  $44.95 for each volume and a 10% discount for ordering both 18068 & 18069.

Jason Tsou demonstrates Chin Na Kung Fu NEW! # KC010 Chin Na: Taking Control of Energy
Jason Tsou & Arthur Schonfeld

We've been thinking about this one for weeks. There are a lot of good Chin Na presentations out there but, once again, Jason Tsou has come along with the "teacher" view of the subject. Never one to dumb things down he shoots right to the core of the subject with a very different and yet far more traditional view. Take it from us, many of the other presentations are much more "step-by-step friendly" but this is the way your teacher thinks about the subject. When he's correcting your hand position he's thinking, "How am I going to get this fellow to snatch the moment (angle, concept, whatever). These are much trickier to grasp than wrists. Tsou's approach is also very interesting because he is explicit on classical concepts: The two DVDs cover the Five Methods of Chin Na including Dim Mak, the Whirlpool Concept, the Neurological System, the Ground as an Ally, Mind Power, Flow and Change along with examples and training methods. The entire TWO DVD presentation comes from a seminar with Tsou and a student demonstrating as he talks. There are a few sound problems here and there but none of any significance. The book has over fifty pages of text and is a great bonus because it essentially outlines the two DVD details. Many people will be using this to teach their students which, in the spirit of a collective peer group such as in science, is exactly what should happen. But Tsou was here first with this complete exposition. For the right people, definitely worth the money.

About 100 Minutes plus 50 pages

Quantity  $49.95 reduced from $89.95

See Jason Tsou's new book: Yang Taiji the Untold Story
Also check out The Random Circle and applied Push Hands techniques

Dim Mak DVD #24171 Dim Mak #1 (Dian Hsueh)
Xie Zhi Kai

The FIRST of this series of DVDs on the art of Point Striking. The presenter has a bit of a circus barker personality and there is an occasional feeling of a over-sell but his points are accurate and his presentation informative. This first disk shows a few basic points, some exercises for developing your hands, some revival information and a number of basics China Na escapes. The most striking characteristic of this disk in the somewhat vacant look in the eyes of the "dummy". He's been hit a few times, believe it. NOTE: Due to the detailed discussions on points and revival procedures, we recommend the DVDs over the VCDS unless you are fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

About 57 Minutes          

Quantity   $19.50  for each volume
VCD version of this series

Dim Mak DVD #24172 Dim Mak #2 (Dian Hsueh)
Xie Zhi Kai

The SECOND of a series of DVDs on the art of Point Striking. This second disk shows more about specific grabs such as bear hugs, shoulder locks, front hugs, rear strangles, hand shake controls, chest grabs and all that. But Xie does stick to his goal and uses movements which rely on and expand the meaning of point striking not just joint reversal. NOTE: Due to the detailed discussions on points and revival procedures, we recommend the DVDs over the VCDS unless you are fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

About 58 Minutes          

Quantity  $19.50 for each volume  
VCD version of this series

Dim Mak DVD #24173 Dim Mak #3 (Dian Hsueh)
Xie Zhi Kai

The THIRD of a series of DVD's on the art of Point Striking. This disk concentrates on responses to strikes. Points emphasized are the carotid artery, lianquan on the neck and jianjiang on the shoulder. Controls are shown against punches, wrist grabs and kicks as well as headlocks. Xie is a bit of a character but his amalgamation of points and basic Chin Na is informative. NOTE: Due to the detailed discussions on points and revival procedures, we recommend the DVDs over the VCDS unless you are fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

About 50 Minutes          

Quantity  $19.50 for each volume
VCD version of this series

Practical Chin Nah They're back!!!

DVD #18071 & 2
Practical Chin Na
(volume #1 & #2)
A detailed Analysis of the Art of Seizing and Locking
Tim Cartmell based on the book of Zhao Do Yuan

In these two DVDs, Tim Cartmell, the book's translator and an experienced martial artist and competitor, demonstrates the locking and throwing principles explained in the book of the same name. Cartmell's execution is fluid to the point of almost looking too easy. He is a no-nonsense demonstrator and gives two solid hours of thorough instruction.

IMPORTANT: Plum has remastered these to now have full menus and other DVD characteristics.   

About 120 Minutes        

#18071 Volume 1  $29.95 for each DVD   (If you order both there's a 10% discount= $53.90
#18072 Volume 2  $29.95 for each DVD   (If you order both there's a 10% discount= $53.90
see book on these DVDs

Effortless Combat Throws

DVD #18073 Effortless Combat Throws
Principles, Analysis, and Application of...
Tim Cartmell

"In this detailed video, Tim Cartmell expertly explains the principles of combat throwing techniques which, when performed correctly, do not require the use of great power, force or effort. Drawing from over 25 years of martial arts experience, Tim explains the concepts in a clear and easy-to-follow manner. Practitioners of all martial arts will benefit from learning the theory, strategy, set-ups, and follow-throughs explained and demonstrated. This book parallels Cartmell's own excellent and recommended text.

IMPORTANT: Plum has remastered this to now have full menus and other DVD characteristics.

About 90 Minutes    

Purchase this companion DVD along with the book of the same name , and get a 10% discount!
See the text for this DVD    

Quantity  $29.95  

Chinese Wrestling DVD #29989 Kung Fu Wrestling (double DVD)
Wang Wen Yang


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Shuai Jiao is shown here with both its Chinese and Mongolian influences. This five-time winner of national championships supervises demonstrations of 30 types of bare handed skills, 23 grips and parts of the body used as weapons, throwing skills, hand work and 33 types of footwork. This DOUBLE DVD has a clean presentation and while some of the skills may look a little artificial and round about the basics demonstrate the essentials throws and combinations. Some of the best technical presentation we have seen yet.            

About 188 Minutes/ Mandarin/ English Subtitles         

Quantity  $27.95 

Chin Na #1 Willy LinDVD#12241 Chin Nah Vol. #1

Shihfu Willy Lin starts his Chin Nah series off with a bang. First, if you want to see one of the true aficionados of Kung Fu, a man who enjoys his style - his art - and his teaching; here he is. Willy's continual good humor is an antidote to the heavy handed and overly serious posturing of many teachers. So straightforward and simple is Mr. Lin's instruction that it can be deceptive. This first DVD is an example. It sets up variations on the classic Shao Tran ( in Aikido we recall it as being Nikyo). But Willy's technique is deceptive. Chin Nah was always his specialty. He gives many variations on Shao Tran without overtly mentioning the differences. This is a packed thirty minutes by someone who has been doing Chin Nah most of his life. As the series progresses it will be evident to those with teaching knowledge that this is also an excellent presentation of the material, systematic and variable. Mr. Lin's explanations also take in the problems often overlooked in media instruction like, "What if the guy punches me while I execute?"

About 35 Minutes English    

Quantity  $39.95

Chin Na #2 Willy LinDVD#12242 Chin Nah Vol. #2

As many of you may know, I was one of Willy Lin's first students after his arrival in the U.S. We go back a ways. Since working with him I have seen many - too many - Kung Fu teachers, students and performances. After decades of not having contact with him, I still hold that Willy Lin is a special person. Let me give an example. He recently published an article. I hung a copy in my school vestibule. A nice guy, selling martial arts advertising, walks in, sees the article, and asks out of the blue if I had ever heard of Willy Lin. He goes on to explain that Willy's best fighter years ago taught him Chin Nah which, through his own fighting career, he has used over and over in tournaments and sparring without fail. "Tell him thanks if you ever see him," he says on the way out. This second DVD expands drastically the information shown in the first. Now we cover arm locks, knives, pushes, bear hugs but all in a very straightforward and rational progression of information. I have seen a lot of Chin Na and can say there are only two useful and positive approaches: extreme sophistication with attributes such as Chan Si Jin as demonstrated by, say, George Xu; and straight ahead approaches such as Willy's where, if you look closely, the sophisticated angles are already there. For most people this first is the way to go. The in-between stuff, elaboration without refinement, don't even bother. - Ted

About 35 Minutes English        

Quantity  $39.95

Chin Na & San SHou#10265 Chen San Shou/Chin Nah
About an hour,

No longer available !

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Demonstrator/Teacher: Chen Er Hu.
One of the best series we've seen on Chin Nah, especially from the Tai Chi point of view. Also Chen style sets demonstrated with a good level of expertise. Interesting and occasionally very clever Chin Nah applications with little explanation but very definitive applications. Much counter-grappling. A good DVD.

DVD Mandarin/ English Subtitles   

Although this DVD is now out of print, we may still have copies of it in VCD. Click HERE for that.   

Quantity  $19.50


Eagle Claw Locks

#12042 72 Joints Locks Eagle Claw Chin Na
2-person Sparring Form by Grandmaster Lily Lau

"The brutal joint locks and pressure point striking of Eagle Claw is revealed here for the first time. Known as Chin Na, this arsenal of attacks and counterattacks teaches you how to take advantage of the natural strengths and weaknesses of the human body. This amazing 2-person form trains you in the powerful techniques of Chin Na, with a "hands on" method for practice. Using this traditional sparring form, you and a partner can safely train these destructive attacks without fear of injury. Even if you train alone, just witnessing this video will reveal many fighting "secrets" of this ferocious style. Packed with joint-wrenching techniques, Grandmaster Lau reveals how you can follow the way of the Eagle to turn your fingers into destructive talons and hit anyone at their weakest points. You will learn how to bring down the fiercest opponents."

NOTE: This DVD contains sections 1 through 72 of what were originally TWO VHS tapes. This DVD is complete and shows the whole form.

90+ Minutes      

Quantity  $39.95

Chin Na

#10007 (Eighteen) 18 Capture Methods

The Chinese version of Black Scorpion? Dressed in camouflage fatigues Yu Hong Jin demonstrates numerous methods of Chin Nah for downing an attacker. Actually her Chin Nah is good. And the techniques demonstrated are accurate and numerous. It's basically a one hour Chin Nah lesson with someone who knows something, for a very low price. Some of the movements are certainly more effective than others but this is the classical way to introduce the information. As a Judo player will tell you not every move, Osotogari for instance, is actually immediately effective but rather lays the foundation for all further knowledge.

About 60 Minutes: Normally sells for

Quantity  $19.50 Plum price   $15.95