Dragon Gate Chi Kung (Qigong)   - #DVD 25026
Instruction - 64 min. (back to DVD page)

"Doctor Gordon Xu (Xu Guo Rong) of Shanghai is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He received training at the Shanghai Medical Institute. He worked at the Huang Pu District Central Hospital and the Shanghai Tui Na Center Hospital. He studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine under head of staff, Dr. Lee Yan Fong, top student of Dr. Lu Shou Yan, China's foremost acupuncturist prior to the communist revolution. At the Shanghai Tui Na Hospital he studied under head of staff, Dr. Wan Ming Ming. In addition to mastering five systems of tui na (chinese therapeutic massage), he is also a master of the Dragon Gate Chi Kung system. His teacher Master Yi Chien Liang 1895-1986, nicknamed "one flower that faces heaven", was a Taoist monk from the Wan So Temple (10,000 years Longevity Temple). Dr. Xu was Master Yi's primary student and named by him as the 22nd generation successor to the Taoist Dragon Gate (Chuan Zhen Pai) system. This system, founded by Wan Chong Yang, dates back to the Sung dynasty (960-1127). On this tape Doctor Xu demonstrates three levels of chi kung practice."

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