Wu Tai Chi Long Form  (Part 2) - #DVD25028
Instruction - 60 min.  (back to DVD page)

"On this title Master Wang Hao Da of Shanghai, an indoor student of Grandmaster Ma Yueh-liang, teaches basics and the first two sections of the Wu style tai chi long form. The title begins with an introduction followed by the entire long form. It then continues with a section on basics covering stances, hand and foot techniques, and internal training exercises. In the form repetition section which continues Master Wang covers the first two sections of six of the form. The format in each section of form repetition is divided into three segments. The first is the entire section with the names of the movements. The second segment contains a grouping of movements from the section repeated four times before moving on to the next grouping. The third segment concludes with the entire section performed continuously at normal practice speed."

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