NEW! Wu Tai Chi Fast Set (Qigong)  - #DVD 25029
Instruction - 64 min.    (back to DVD page)

The expert practitioner Wang Hao Da, demonstrates a preserved training from the Wu styles of Wu JianQuan. Creator Wu, who learned from his father—a student of Yang Lu Chan— wanted the set to be more easily taught so he rounded out the motions and eliminated explosions of power. His son, Wu JianQuan actually deemed the Wu version a style and preserved not only his father's modifications but the "missing" elements of Tai Chi's special power issuance. Wang Hao Da shows this beautifully adding a whole form of training that, until we saw Wang, we assumed only existed in the Thunder Style of the Chen family. Don't expect to learn the set though it is broken down and the names of the movements are given. If you have a good deal of experience use it as an inspiration for developing similar sections of power issuance in your own styles, regardless of name. A great reference and a good example of how Tai Chi cleverly disguises the fact that it is martial to the core.


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