Taiji Power Stretching, Spiral Training Fundamentals - DVD#25031
Instruction - 72 min.  (back to DVD page)

"In order to maximize the benefit of tai chi practice you must develop the qualities of Taiji discussed in the Classics. These underlying principles of practice such as, open and close, empty and full, center equilibrium, apply universally to all styles of taijiquan. Master George Xu has divided the study of these qualities and others into five specific training drills. They can be practiced in their entirety, or customized to suit the individual practitioner's needs.

25031 focuses on Power Stretching and Spiral Training. In the Power Stretching section the drills emphasize, extending opposing parts of the body, to open the joints facilitating unobstructed flow of the qi. In the second section on spiraling, or silk reeling energy is addressed. The drills are intended to focus the practitioner on moving qi internally to open and close the different parts of the body, consistent with Chan Ssu Chin or silk reeling cocoon theory."


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