NEW!!  Wu Wei Chi Kung - DVD#25036
Instruction - 61 min.  (back to DVD page)

Here is what some of you having been asking about. A very simple standing version of Qigong which is relatively easy to learn but demonstrated by someone with solid skills. This sequence almost entirely focuses on opening and very simple hand positions. It runs about twenty postures continually returning to the Qigong version of the Buddha prayer position them reaching out up and down with the palms to positions held on the three levels and designed to reach all levels.
This short set is the Wu Wei preparations. They are repeated three times. All this is followed by Five Standing Postures. Once the Qi is opened in the first section the postures focus the qi in different parts of the body. Next we are given orbital circulation of qi with the hands indicating the route of the qi along the entire body length. Section Four shows postures for bringing the qi from the outside world to the body. Finally some seated postures are shown.

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