Yang Taijiquan Training Basics - DVD#25037  
Instruction - 60 min.  (back to DVD page)

Master Lu Gui Rong has spent over fifty years exploring the byways of Tai Chi. He is an expert in Yang style (Wu Wei Chuan lineage), Wu-Hao style and Wild Goose Qigong. This is a complete and self-contained presentation of exercises and applications for Tai Chi stylists. It starts with a series of warm up exercises that are perfectly suited to Tai Chi players; loose, relaxed, powerful and correct. The warm ups are top quality never violating the key principles of the art. The rest of this 60+ minutes DVD is devoted to patterns; each isolating one of the Eight Gates or Eight Primary Energies of Yang style (such as Peng, Lu, Ji An, etc.). Lu shows each exercise as a continued loop repeated in three lengthy sections. Then he shows the application of the movement on George Xu. This is conceivably the best single action demonstration of the Eight Energies, especially with the flavor of Yang style, which we have seen. A lot of clear commentary by Vincent Lynch helps point out the salient details.


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