Yang Taijiquan Training Basics - DVDs#25038, #25039 and #25040 
Instruction - 60 min.  (back to DVD page)

Master Lu Gui Rong has spent over fifty years exploring the byways of Tai Chi. He is an expert in Yang style (Wu Wei Chuan linage), Wu-Hao style and Wild Goose Qigong.

This is a perfect example of a more sophisticated interpretation of Yang style Tai Chi. Master Lu Gui Rong shows a multi-layered, loose and fluid version of the set. His movements in this DVD are extremely simple but also well-controlled and precise. When the entire Long Set is finished, Teacher Lu then demonstrates it again, before a mirror, repeating each section four times for clarity. The entire series consists of three DVDs with the form demonstrated in full then broken down into five move blocks which are also taught individually in a studio setting. Each DVD shows about one third of the Long Set.



Three DVDs 61, 81 and 80 minutes respectively

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