George Xu's Predator Series - DVD#25057, 25058 and 25059 
Instruction - about an hour each.  (back to DVD page)

"Martial Art is Art of the Predator" was the working title of the book Master George Xu's (Xu Guo Ming) was writing to explain his theory of martial art practice. Instead he has decided to release this information in several volumes in the video format because he thought it would be a more complete medium to deliver the information. Master Xu produced these volumes himself and they are the first three titles in his series of his official instruction. In the future more "Martial Art is Art of the Predator" volumes will be added. These titles have universal application within all martial arts. They are not limited to only taijiquan or kung fu. Some are particularly beneficial for health.

This title Martial Art is Art of the Predator - Part One - Twelve Basic Exercises covers basic training exercises to develop specific qualities within your practice. Topics include chan ssu chin(silk reeling), ground force, peng jin, center equilibrium, shrinking/expanding force, sinking power, body momentum, ocean wave force, empty/full force, springing/shaking power, and huanyin jin, which combines the prior mention qualities together.

Martial Art is Art of the Predator - Part Two - "Treeman" and the Fourteen Dantians focuses on moving the dantian within the structure of the "treeman" body. The qi is the energy that generates the body movement. Topics include: eight direction movement, vertical, horizontal, diagonal and figure eight clockwise and counterclockwise circles, up/down dantian, separating dantian, rising dantian, rolling dantian, dropping dantian, lower and upper dantian, bending dantian and combining dantian movements. The "treeman" concept is the container and the dantians are the movement generators.

In this title, Martial Art is Art of the Predator - Part Three - Chinese Masters Secrets, he demonstrates his own and other Chinese masters secrets. These exercises are the specific training to develop martial qualities that makes their practice unique and consequently effective in meeting opponents. Their 'secrets" or unique techniques cover a full range of different and effective methods. Master Xu will demonstrate seven of his own techniques and an additional twenty five techniques of other masters, which are broken down as follows: Master Da Chen (4), Master Xiao Chen (5), Master Wu Wen Wei (2), Master Wu Jie (5), Master Jiang Zhong Bao (9). This distillation of their unique practice by Master Xu has come from years of interaction with these masters."

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