NEW!! K#010 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang
Fighting Techniques of Liu De Kuan
by Gao JiWu and Nigel Sutton   (back to DVD page)

We have hardly had time to review this one but we were anxious to make it available. This book brings the 64 "straight" techniques of the Gao sttyle of Bagua to the reader. Many people consider this the very foundation of understanding how Bagua "works". As with many of the books Nigel Sutton works on, the information is given with an eye to detail. In addition there are pieces on Gao's family background, the key principels of the art, solo and applied versions of the moves and much more. A good text to start understanding the application of Bagua Zhang.
see VCDS by Gao Ji Wu 

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151 pages, softbound, photographs,