Geo. Xu Lan Shou Kung Fu form DVD #25102 Lan Shou Formwith George Xu
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Here is the core form of the Lan Shou system. We refer to the name as "Barring Arm" Boxing but it can be thought of as blocking or obstructing arm. Particularly strong in TianJin area Lan Shou may appear at first glance as a combination of Baji Quan and Tan Tui. Tough to imagine, we know, but think of a Long Fist art that has retained it animal qualities although—as if often the case in high level Northern styles—the animal quality is on the inside, not in the poses. George Xu shows the set through a "follow me" type of instruction where he repeats it numerous times with almost no verbal instruction. The set is show in its entirety and also broken down but, once again, with only visual clues. George's point may be to say "concentrate" and you'll learn it. They say Northern stylist who fought Bruce Lee back in the day, Wong Jackman, also like to instruct without talking. Lan Shou Qigong is also shown. This also has a demonstration of the form by Ye Xiao Long.

About 60 Minutes  


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