Geo. Xu Lan Shou Kung Fu formDVD #25120 & 21
China Camp '07 Form Demonstration

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Forty-six martial artists from several disciplines and locations in China, USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Denmark perform their forms in this prestigious event. Names and styles are provided in titles of each performance, so you get to know who these accomplished martial artists are. The Demonstrator shown is Master Jiang Bao Kang.

See the demonstrators list below
#1 about 69 Minutes #2 about 61 Minutes    

Quantity $39.95 for both 


Participants in China Camp 07:

Disk #1:

Flavio Danielle Chen Tai Chi
Zhi Lu Ping: Dragon Form Taoist Tai Chi
Gao Rui: Bagua
Volker Jung, Liuhebafa
Jiang Bao Kang: 12 Animal Xing Yi
and San Qing Dragon
Liu Bao Yu: Chen Push Hands
Ru Dong Fu: Lan Shou
David Leung: Wing Chun

Disk #2

Qian Zhao Hong & Bruce Bolden: Xing Yi Push Hands
Wang Tong: Bagua Sword
Ji Ah Tong/Li Tian Wei: Yang Push Hands
Wu Mao Gui: Tong Bei Quan
Wu Ji: Lan Shou
Li Tian Wei: Xing Yi Liu He
Don Qian Li: Lan Shou
Yun Yin Sen: Liuhebafa
Susan Matthews: Chen Tai Chi
Xu Guo Xhang & Wang Ren Li: Wu style Push Hands
Giuliana Romanisio: Karate
Lu Ying Liang: Eagle Fist
Roberto Benetti: Chen Sword
Lu Zhi Liang: Yang Tai Chi