Wang Tong on BaguaDVD#25122 Tong Bei Training #1 with Zhao Ya Jun
Each DVD in this series can stand alone.

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"Tong Bi Training Exercises with Master Zhao Ya Jun, from Beijing and the Zhonghua Wushu Wuxing Tongbiquan Association.This well-organized, comprehensive early morning practice for loosening and getting structurally connected can benefit anyone no matter what style or system you focus on. Master Zhao Ya Jun is very clear on what he’s doing in this comprehensive set exercises from the Tong Bi Quan style of martial arts. Tong Bi is like a pre-Chen style taijiquan that emphasizes developing power on the back and using the arms more efficiently. In this three-DVD set, Master Zhao leads single-move drills that loosen the upper body and strengthen the lower. Follow along a few minutes, or a whole hour, at a time, as simple single moves progress to more complex: from loosening wrist joints, elbows, shoulders, hips, etc. to whole-body combinations. Throughout, Master Zhao gives numerous pointers on how to perform the moves more precisely and he demonstrates applications. The set also includes an excellent translation by Master David Leung who participates with Master Zhao in demonstrating moves and explaining details. Videotaped at the Tian Lun Hotel in San Qing Shan, Jiangxi Province, China."