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Blossoms in the Spring
A Perfect Qigong DVD

The one thing we heard over and over at our seminars and book signings was "Where's the DVD?" And you can't blame people because the advent of the DVD has made instruction clearer than ever before. But we wanted to make a film that was more than just moves so we spent a lot of time on this production adding in extras about Qigong and Chinese medicine, special training hints, unusual insights and even a few interviews. We now proudly present this companion, as you all requested. Entering the peaceful and fascinating world of Qigong has never been easier.

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Here's the Book

Blossoms in the Spring is a wonderful and beautiful form of Qigong practice. It can be adapted to any lifestyle . It's gentle, graceful movements can be performed sitting, lying down or standing. The authors have created a refence that takes the mystery out of Qigong while retaining its Chinese medical benefits and its philosphy.

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Narrye Caldwell performs Qigong

Scene Directory for the Blossoms DVD

1. Introduction: Blossoms and Chinese medicine
2. How to Use this DVD
3. Qigong defined
4. Interview: The Role of Mind in Qigong
5. Warm ups
6. Practice method
7. The "Earth" Section
8. The "Human" Section
9. The "Heaven" Section
10. Interview: Key Ideas in Blosssoms
11. The Range of Qigong practice
12. Qigong and Medical practice
13. The Story of the Shang Tree
14. Complete Form with Ted Mancuso
15. Complete Form with Narrye Caldwell